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Argh! I need to vent!

I have no idea how well I'm doing in university at this point, I'm dreading getting my marks. At the beginning of the semester I'd hand stuff in and get back As, now I have no idea how bad I've been doing. I missed a lot of my classes in a two week period and got behind in work. Then comes the end of semester, I'm still struggling to catch up, and now I have a tonne of new work to get done. I have skipped sleep quite a few nights, and other nights I try to sleep but can't because of nasty stomach cramps. I've been handing in half assed papers because I have too much work and can't spend enough time on one paper and I'm so tired that it's hard to think straight! My teachers have been understanding, but only to a point.

I feel like my Crohn's is getting worse, I had a barium x-ray, but I don't get to see a doctor until March. What am I supposed to do until then? I was optimistic after the last doctor I saw, when he referred me he said I'd probably be put on methotrexate and humira again, so I had hope that at least I'd be getting better. But now I won't even be seeing a G.I. until my next semester is almost over.

I don't want to fail again, just like every other attempt I've made at furthering my education.

At least I'm home now, I have managed to finish most of my work, I just have one paper left and I can send it by e-mail and I'll be done 'till January.

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Awww, Wiles - that sucks. I was wondering how your xray went. So, you didn't get any results from that?? That's too long to just sit and wait if you need something. Call your doc and say that March is too late. Maybe if you ask to get in earlier they will find a spot to fit you in. I got in the same day once before when I sounded desperate enough.
Glad you have a little break at least. Hope you feel better, bud.
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Arg! I remember all too well the pressures of getting through classes
while tackling health issues. It's so rough. Hang in there, buddy, I'm
sending positive thoughts your way!
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I'm mostly frustrated because I know I'm going to get bad grades, and it's not because I'm not competent, it's because I managed to get so far behind in my work that everything was rushed. I have accomplished very little with the past 8 years of my life since being diagnosed. I've always wanted to finish University, and I'd hate for this to get in the way of it. Some days I just felt like giving up.

I'm also a bit disheartened that I'm already sick again. My resection was in 2007, it took me a while to recover and now I'm already on the decline again. My Crohn's has always been slow to progress, so I imagine it will be a while still before I need surgery again, but it's steady and drugs don't help it for very long. After I recovered from my op I was pain free most of the time, but now I have cramps everyday again. I think I'll try to see if my old family doctor would see me here, 'cause I feel worse than I did a week ago and I don't want to spend the holidays sick.

Does anyone else flare around the holidays? It seems like I'm always sick around Christmas.
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March? Thats kinda long, I'd call in and see if there was anyway he could see me earlier. Get lots of rest, it helps me with stress during my semester and maybe itll do you some good too.

My flare ups got really bad around thanksgiving, didnt eat much and watched my brother eat 4 plates of food in 45 minutes lol. Cheer up and I hope you feel better. Everyone deserves to be happy around christmas
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I hate waiting to see the doctor! I would for sure bug them to get an earlier appointment. March is way too far away. I see my GI once a month still. A lot can happen in a few months.

Don't let school get you down. I don't know what it feels like to have the disease when in school, I had graduated before getting sick. But, I do work in retail and now is the busiest season. It gets hard not to get overwhelmed and I have been exhausted since Thanksgiving! My best advice is take one thing at a time and complete it the best you can. You can't beat yourself up for doing the best you can. Sometimes you can only give so much. Don't miss any sleep...I don't know about you, but that can make me feel so much worse. I have to know when to quit and take some time for myself. I get more done the better I feel.

Good luck.
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Thanks again.

I've been home for over a week now and after catching up on my rest I've started feeling a lot better. Belly pain aside, I don't think I have felt this good since August

I'm starting to get some of my grades back, and I'm pleasantly surprised. I was afraid I was going to fail a course because I had been sick and handed in a paper very late (past the extended deadline) and got a big fat 0 on it. I guess I did really well on all my other papers and my exams because I still managed to get a B- for the course

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