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I am so pissed off.

Ok folks, I need to vent. I need to scream.

I need to get this off my freaking chest.


3 weeks ago after my acid reflux from hell and my ER trip 2 weeks ago and the subsequent "you're back on "pred now" talk...

I am still hurting.

I was on 40 mg up until yesterday when I started my taper and went down to 30. I Guess that was a mistake I am not sure. Last night it started rumbling down there and this morning I had a bowl movement that would make a lumberjack blush.

And it's still going. ALL DAY TODAY my stomach has been hurting and cramping. And to make matters worse I feel so weak and tired. Just gross and icky.

I hate it.

I have some pain meds but I'm not taking them. I don't feel comfortable taking meds as it is, so if it gets bad enough I'll rock out some Tylenol.

But my point is...WTF STOMACH / GUTS

Why are you still flaring? I JUST HAD REMMICADE 1 week before the flare!

And now I'm on pred too and I'm still so sick?

And you know what else...

WHY AM I STILL SO FAT? As sick as I am, why in the hell am I still fat? I can't even have typical Crohns and be thin. At least that would make me a little happy. (as sick (mentally) as that sounds.)

I feel so trapped! I cannot exercise, I can't eat anything but freaking junk food because real food hurts me.

I am SO ANGRY today. I have a formal dress that I need to sew and I don't have the energy to do this atm!
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I am here for the first time. I just returned from the hospital the day before Thanksgiving. Mine settled on my face and the roof of my mouth and the ileum was inflamed via the scopes and other wonderful GI tests.

I understand I did not eat anything solid for the longest time but with IV Prednisone and a taper starting at 60 mg I am about the same weight before this month of misery. I have no answer only to say I am where you are.
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Hey Kittee - sorry you are feeling so yucky.
It's a big jump form 40 to 30, maybe you should ask your doc if you can go to 35 after you feel stable on 40 for a while. I was supposed to taper 5 mg every week, but I cheated and stayed on each weekk for too long, just to make sure. It worked too. I had to confess and get another prescription, but he was fine with it. I made an 8 week taper last 4 months.
So yeah - long answer shortened - I would taper only by 5 mg and stay on for more than 1 week. Slow taper is the key often times with pred .
Good luck, wishing you feel better really soon.
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Sorry to hear you're feeling crappy! I can feel your pain...I just had
another flare up too. And I'm also on 40mg Pred. It's the most frustrating
thing EVER. Go ahead and vent! This all does suck!!!!
But do take your pain pills. No need in suffering if you can avoid some of it.
I know it's more medicine, but pain is worse.
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Thank you folks for your support

You guys really don't know how much it means to me.

I'll go back up to 35 tomorrow and try that and see how it goes.

Oddly enough I'm craving MEAT too. I haven't had any in about a week now so tomorrow I am going to get a big Quiznos sub full of beef. LOL

Maybe I'm low on iron/protein.
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hey kittee.
boo sorry to hear all your troubles crohns freakin sucks.
i agree with the others, the drop in pred mightve been too quick. i really hope that a slower taper will help things.

LOL literally two seconds ago i told my bf that i have huge cravings for meat all of the time! then i read you last post and i was like ahh! lol enjoy that meaty deliciousness
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((hugs)) to everyone whose Crohns is trying its best to spoil Xmas

hope you all perk up soon and can enjoy the rest of the holidays - and some nice holiday food!!
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LOL Kello =)

Yeah I woke up with MEAT on my mind. SO funny. I'm waiting now for 10:30-11am so I can go across the street, get groceries and a huge Quiznos sub. I think I'm going to get the French DIP. mmmmmm /drool.

I really crave bloody meat too. I think its a combo of PMS- and perhaps even loss of blood? That makes me want to replace it that way. WHo knows.

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