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The doctors thread

I know somebody other than me has had their share of moronic doctors. Share some stories if you got them. I know i got stories.. i've had so much stupid crap happen at the city hospital i could write a book. No joke, i've already wrote three pages of mistakes they've made. A list of unfair/inadequate treatment, discrimination, you name it and it's happened to me. I started writing because i got to thinking about it when i was being treated with Remicade, and i just wrote a whole bunch of stuff right away. The more i wrote the more i started to remember.. and now im thinking about suing them for doing a shitty job.

My current doctor is very just very cold, and i have a strong hunch that he's a racist based on the first impression that he made. Asking me different out of place questions like how long ive lived in sweden and so on. I have only met him three times, and all of my business with the hospital is done through his secretary. Not only that, but they somehow don't want to meet with me in person. I met my former doctor personally all the time, especially if i got worse. We would talk about treatments and everything, and this seems normal to me! He was a good guy and he cared about my health.

NOW i cant even meet them. If i ask for an appointment they ask me "why??", like i've just said something terrible. My doctor has been away for a month on account that his wife gave birth, So he took time off.

MEANTIME im sick and my life and career are destroyed. I havent met a doctor in a very long time, and i have made many changes to my treatment in this time. I havent had any replacement doctors either, and i'm waiting pretty much for this guy to come back. The secratarys dont do anything either, they are very retarded. I put alot of pressure on them.. i get what i want and i make lots of decisions about treatments. I know lots about medicines, ive done them all, and i've made sure my doctor knows this. But it feels like i need to be shot in the head to get any help... i dont know what the hell i should do. If they cant help me then nobody can.
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I go to a GI clinic for a teaching hospital. Hell, I even work at said hospital. Unfortunately, the problem I run into is that they won't waste their time getting a proper history. They care about my symptoms that I'm having right at that moment but the fact that I'm on prednisone and my symptoms were entirely different before I was on prednisone causes them to think that my crohn's diagnosis was just craziness out of nowhere.

They did a blood count and an ESR as well as a full set of scopes and I'm not having active crohn's. So, it must be IBS. Well, no shit. I have both and the 60mg of prednisone I'm on probably has something to do with the crohn's disease not being active.

I at least got one of their fellows to get a little but of my history and now they're up to a diagnosis of 'questionable crohn's'
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My favourite quote ever, from this absolute witch of a consultant (who I have to point out wasn't even a gastro) who I managed to get under whilst in hospital once before I did get assigned to my gastro.

According to her 'Crohn's isn't painful'. It's like WTF you could have atleast googled it before coming to see me. She was an idiot if there ever was one.
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when i was first diagnosed the dr didnt think it was necissary to do a colonoscopy to see what was wrong with me and after he did and found it was crohns he said it was his idea all along to give me one when my mom forced him to. she is very persuasive when it comes to things about me lol.

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