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Perianal Fistula?

So Im wondering if anyone can help?

I am currently on azathioprine and literally today I have finished budesonide

Around 8 weeks ago I developed an ulcer in the area between my anus and my vagina and its really quite sore! I went to my GP and he prescribed an antibiotic cream which did nothing and in fact another ulcer appeared.

It has not healed at all and bleeds intermittantly

I saw my GI dr yesterday and he said it could be a fistula so I need an MRI.. I was just wondering if anyone else has had this? I am also being referred to dermatology for them to take a look because my GI really does not know if it is IBD related or not!

Thanks for reading
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EDS, Mast cell problem, POTS, IBD, Pan Dysmotility

PEGJ Tube- using the jej part for feeding and the gastric port for draining.
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for IBD i take: Nalcrom (sodium cromoglicate), a bunch of antihistamines, Budesonide and Azathioprine (imuran)


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