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A forum discussing the challenges and decisions related to returning to work after a period of illness.


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Hi everyone. I work for an award-winning, for-profit company. The culture is fast-paced, which keeps keeping most of us on the edge of our seats. Although we work hard, we also play hard. I started there 10 months ago and enjoy the work and the people.

I had been on Remicade for 8 years when I started to feel odd. My trough levels revealed that I had toxic levels of the drug in my system. We immediately changed my dosing schedule from 4 weeks to 8. After six months, I began to feel ill between infusions. We tested my trough levels, which were low. Month after month I reported my declining status to the GI nurse--(my GI was away). I dragged myself to work, which was very difficult. I became withdrawn due to the fatigue. I periodically needed to take a day or two off work in between infusions. I explained my medical situation as one in which I didn't have the correct amount of medication in my system, which caused symptoms. My manager has been very supportive.

3 weeks ago, I collapsed and ended up in hospital. On the ward, I was given a loading dose of Remicade and was started on Methotrexate. I responded well to the Remicade,but have experienced substantial side effects from Methotrexate. My manager and I have spoken--understandably, he would like to see a sustainable return to work. My GI has said the nasty Methotrexate side effects should abate in 6-8 weeks. My manager does not want to see me return to work with headaches and nausea.

I feel as though I have let the company down and would like to return to work right away. I know, however, that I am experiencing ups and downs each week because of the Metho. In addition, I don't yet know whether I'll be needing another reloading dose of the Remicade 3 weeks from now.

We know that people with IBD don't often feel 100%. But how does one make the decision about returning to work when knowing we rarely feel 100%. Maybe I could try working from home a couple half-days per week (AFTER my next Methotrexate dose) Maybe I should wait until I my response to Methotrexate is more favourable?

Would appreciate hearing from others who have been faced with making this type of decision.
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It's unfortunate this thread did not progress. I hope a similar thread had better luck. I couldn't work any longer after a 24 year career with the same company. I have not worked since 2009.

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I had surgery eight years ago . Aftrr that it was hard commuting ever day . I have not actually done anything but it might be good financially if I returned to work

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