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Crohn's and Ensure?

Hi everyone! So I've been hearing and reading a good bit lately about the Ensure drinks and how they are supposedly good supplements for vitamins and just good for the GI in general. I'm in college and hate breakfast food, but I get so nauseous and sick when I don't eat during my morning classes, but I don't seem to have a problem with drinking something. So I was just wondering which kind is good for us Crohnies? I know there a couple different kinds and I'm not sure which one is best. I saw they had the shakes, the complete, and then a plus version. I am not looking to try the whole ensure diet because that just wouldn't work for me. I also saw that some of them, I think it was the plus, is used for weight gain, which I am not looking for. So any suggestions on which is best for Crohnies? And which ones you've tried or liked? Thank you so much and I hope you're all having good tummy days!
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I am in the same boat you are in , a few days ago Jennifer brought to my attention that those drinks aren't actually very good for us. The ingredient Carrageenan aids in disease progression. The ingredient actually isn't bad, its organic coming from boiled down sea weed, but the way that it breaks down is what hurts us. Here is the wiki article that explains it:
Most of the ensures have it, as well as most supplemental drinks. I have seen the ensure powder not have that ingredient as well as I have heard that the Ensure Clear doesn't but that I am not sure of.
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There's a lot of food that has carrageenan as well. I really noticed because it isn't allowed on SCD so after reading ingredients it's listed in a lot.
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ibd folks do better with peptamen or peptide

no carregean
peptide chains broken down and complete nutrition.


studies with peptamen and crohn's
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Hey crohnieMB, check out this ongoing thread: http://www.crohnsforum.com/showthread.php?t=47659 There are a lot of good suggestions in there I think and Ensure is mentioned.

I used to suggest Ensure to people yet after finding out about the Carrageenan, the only one I suggest now is Ensure Clear (I checked the ingredients while I was looking at them at the store and it wasn't listed but for all I know it could be in another flavor so check the ingredients). I'm still looking for a supplement drink myself that's both good and affordable (Ensure Clear is on the expensive side). If you find one that works for you please share it with the rest of us.
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