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Hi All,
I'm Drew. First I wanted to say thanks to whomever set up this site. I was finally diagnosed about 2 weeks ago with Crohns. Its been a long struggle to get there with tests and doctor visits and more tests which I'm sure we can all identify with.

Right now I'm on Prednisone and Flagyl and they're starting to help but the Prednisone is starting to rear some of its ugly side effects. I've got the most awful night sweats right now and I'm just exhausted. Its a step up from Pentasa and Entocort which is what I was on for awhile just prior to the definitive diagnosis, neither of them did anything.

I'm trying to find a diet that works for me now and its really tough! I have been basically been on a self imposed liquid diet for the past year and its weird having to make such tough food choices now.

Anyways I look forward to reading how others are doing and I feel so much better that I'm not alone in this.
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hanaa al baydany
Hello, Hello, welcome to our world family. you are;nt alone . we are all sharing the same issue in diffrent degree.
During predThe most important thing is u do'nt add to much salt in your food.becouse this keep more water in your body. Also don't take to much sweet in your coffe or carbohidrates. the reason is that you are going to gain weight.So let this wait to be water not fat inorder to get back to your weight esaly after stoping the pred.

Eat lots of proteins special fish as you start your meal, then a bit of carbohidrate then vegetable.

I hope this work ans suit you.
Welcome again to our fromus world family.
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Hey Drew.. Welcome to the forum. Getting a crohns diagnosis is a good news/bad news scenario. The good news? At least you know now what it is you have... On the diet front, there is sooo much info, so many diets, and each of us is just a wee bit different in that category. The best advice is to start a diary or journal, keep it as accurately as you can, and take to heart what your body tells you it can take. I also would suggest seeing an IBD nutritionist or dietician, or looking for similar resources from our bookstore or other such sites
Trial and error is OK, but there are some lessons that one can learn from others without having to learn it yourself the hard way. Anyway, you are right, you are not alone, AND, the person chiefly to thank for the existence of this site is our administrator, Mike Yarmo. all the members here owe him a big Thank You.

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Nancy Lee
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Hi Drew!

I just wanted to pop in and welcome you to the forum.
Please take a gander around the different topics,
feel free to ask questions..
and if you want to rant and vent...go ahead...we'll listen.
We're all in the same boat and here to help one another on this cruise.

Hope to hear more from you....

Once again,

Diagnosed Crohn's & Colitis-January 1997.


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Thanks everyone for the warm welcome. I've been searching furiously since I got the real diagnosis for information and support resources beyond the standard "crohns affects mouth to anus" spiel I've re-read 1000 times already!

I've actually had Crohns for the better part of a year, however it took many visits to the doc and blood tests to finally come to that determination. I see it as a good/bad thing of course as someone mentioned. At least I know I'm not crazy but at the same time I'm frustrated at the effects of the disease itself and the side effects of the medicine as well. I ended up in the ER again tonight for the 2nd time in 2 weeks because my blood sugar would NOT drop after taking prednisone. Fortunately this time I wasn't forced to be admitted for observation.

Anyways I'm rambling. I just again wanted to say thanks to Mike and everyone for this resource. I'm sure I'll be here often asking for and hopefully being able to provide support for others. I'm personally struggling with getting my family and friends to understand what the diagnosis means and the medicines and all that come with it now and sometimes I just feel emotionally spent dealing with it. So, here at least people will know what I'm going thought
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Hey Drew,

Good to see you here, welcome as the others have said!

It can be a bit of tough one when juggling other conditions too but you will get there...

On the family and friends front its easier to tell them a little at a time as you deal/cope with each event relating to your Crohn's. We will all understand what you mean about feeling emotionally spent with the diagnosis, the implications of it settling in with you in almost layers sometimes, the meds and the side effects of them.

Hang in there we are all here to listen and help each other because we do understand having gone through it as individuals as you say.

Keep posting!


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[ updated ]

Well. I finally after much fighting, tests and such was given the Crohn's Diagnosis in September of 2008, my original post said I was already a Crohnie which I thought I was as my first GI said I was. He then took it back.

At my worst which was right around the time I first posted I was at 155 pounds, having lost 75 pounds over the course of 8 months or so. I'm happy to say I'm back up to 175 now.

I've had 3 pill cam's, 1 colonoscopy and 2 endoscopies.

I've tried


I'm currently only being treated with the Humira and I have high hopes.

Oh god how could I have forgotten the devil drug Imuran.

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That sounds really good news Drew with the Humira. About time you had an upturn you have worked so hard to level out!

Hang in there. Just dont disappear on us now. Keep posting!

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