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Newly diagnosed

Hi everyone,

My name is Lisa, I'm from Australia, and my son Sam has just been diagnosed with Crohn's. He's only seven years old, which I understand is quite young to have this... we are all in shock right now still, to be honest - there seems like such a lot that we're going to need to know about all this.

Anyway, just wanted to say hello.
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Welcome Lisa,

sorry to hear your son has joined our little club.

has he been really sick yet, or just mild enough to be diagnosed?

(another Aussie, SA)

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Hi Jed, and thank you for the welcome. He was diagnosed after he developd a perianal abscess and anal fissure - the docs thought that he was too young for something like that to just crop up by itself, so they did a bit of poking around (colonoscopy and endoscopy) and he's scheduled for an MRI next week, to determine the severity.

So far, he's not been too bad, although he gets a lot of stomach aches, and is also anemic, so he's tired and lethargic a lot of the time. I'm looking forward to hopefully learning lots from this board about how to help him, and what he's going through.

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Everything Pen said!

Welcome! I hope your son gets better soon!
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I'm Lisa too! Welcome to the forum. It sounds like you son's doctor was really on top of things to get such a quick diagnosis. I sure hope he feels better soon!

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Hi Lisa Welcome, I am so sorry to hear about your son. At least he had a quick diagnosis. Hopefully they get him into remission very quickly. Good Luck
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Thank you all so much for the warm welcome, and helpful advice. It's good to know we're (unfortunately) not alone in dealing with this.

Thanks again!
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are you in south australia?
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No, I'm in Perth.
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Nancy Lee
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Hello and welcome to the Crohn's Forum.

I am so sorry to hear about your son...
so young and yet other children have been diagnosed at a young age as well.

Please feel free to roam the forums, read, ask questions,
usually someone is quick to answer, or if they don't have one
they will point you in the right direction.

Healing hugs~Nancy
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Oh noo.
Well you're son is young and you caught it which is really good.
I send my love!
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hi lisa
we live in england.My 8 year old grandson has just been diagnosed with Crohn's after 3 weeks of investigations.I am sorry to hear about your little boy,I will be thinking about him ,like my grandson.My daughter is also very upset and we are all anxious.They are both in hospital at the moment,because the doctors started Joe on a liquid diet on monday.He will be in there for a few days .It is a nutritional diet as he has lost weight,but also rests the bowel .Please keep us posted on your son's progress best regards and hugs
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Hi there Lisa, first welcome to the DB. I was diagnosed in 1985, Im now 36. Ive seen 7 major surguries myself. Im not at all trying to scare you, but these are things you will face in the future. Your little man is in for a rough ride, and this will take a strong parent. Advice; Find an honorable doctor, and stay with him through life, Get good health coverage, Maintain the medication, and diet set forth by the doctor. Dont be affraid of whats to come he will adapt at that age. There are far worse things that could have gone wrong. Love, and support him through everything. Listen to him dont just hear him.
One of my fondest memories was my mother learning to do home IVs. You will learn alot here, knowledge from the inside of the patient. Stay with us Lisa, and best wishes from all of us.
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Hi how 's Sam? Joe did not get on with Modulen.The specialist said it does not suit everybody.He is on prednosolone for 9weeks and a normal diet Lets see what happens .Let us know how Sam is Byee

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