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Hello everyone.

Well hello everyone. My name is Paul, but I prefer my nickname of Snatch.

I live in Alberta Canada, work night shift, and sleep all day. I play video games on my down time, and am working on racing motocross full time next year. I am apart of a fairly well known online gaming community known as Tied The Leader (

Ive wanted to find a place like this for awhile, but just never got around to it. Here I am though, so I guess its time to share my story and listen to yours. Its nice to know there are others out there who understand what this is like.

Here we go.

I am 23 white single male now. I think problems started when I was around 12. First major cramping started around that time. Things slowly got worse until one day while on a road trip with my friend and his mom, I had a major cramping in my side and asked to go to the hospital.

This is where the real problems start.

I go to the ER, wait hours while in horrible pain, only to get told Im constipated and get a tube full of soapy water shoved up my ass. Wonderful for a 12 or 13 year old. I knew constipation wasnt the problem, but with zero knowledge of my body or what my symptoms really where, what was I supposed to do?

Anyways, time passed and the cramping came and went. I did not go back to the doctors for them though as I knew what they would think. This continued a few years until I was 17. I had just graduated and moved out of my fathers house and into my brothers.

I was getting ready for work, gonna be late, and had to crap. It felt like I had no choice in the matter, and figured if I was 5 minutes late, 5 more wouldnt hurt. As soon as I sat down on the toilet I knew something was very wrong. I grabbed some paper and did the usual wipe. Looked at the paper to make sure everything was ok, and almost passed out. It was completely soaked with blood. I looked down between my legs and almost threw up. Everything was red and black.

I did not go to work that day. Instead, I went right to the ER again. This time they get as far as sticking some fingers in my ass, run some blood tests, and come back with results. I was there for a handful of hours, and they tell me I have cancer. Im 17 at the time. I got mad at them, knowing full well that they would need to do way more tests before they could tell me something like that. I grabbed my things and checked myself out.

Drove back to my home town, went to the hospital there. Same basic tests, same result from doctor. Cancer.

I got mad. 17 year olds are good at that. I said "fuck doctors" and proceeded to avoid them. I did that for years.

I dealt with the pain, and the bleeding. Ignoring the signs my body was giving me. Fast forward a few years and now Im 20. Symptoms are really really bad know. I had built up such a high pain tolerance from the cramping that I could damn near get stabbed and not even flinch. Finally, my body had enough. I was off work for about a week, blood non stop, and pain that cannot be described. I go see a walk-in clinic doctor. He listens instead of talks. Then writes down a name and a phone number. Tells me he is going to set up a meeting with a specialist, and to call and confirm a time.

I go see him about 2 weeks later and FINALLY someone cares. Finally someone who inst content with some bullshit claim. I got all the test. Every kind of emema, colon invasive test possible. They can see that something is wrong, but my bowels where so blocked off that they couldnt get the scope anywhere.

I got to go to a different city, and swallow a pill with tiny cameras in it. Cool test really. Took something like 60 thousand pictures on its way down.

I got diagnosed properly. Crohns disease. Awesome. I knew it was either cancer or crohns. I couldnt really tell you what one I wanted more (kinda hard to choose).

I get started on all the drugs. I cant name them now, but I could have rattled off quite the list of "tried", "currently on", and "next". It sucked.

Slowly the pain started to happen less, and the bleeding slowed down.

One year later. Im working for a fencing company. Chain link fences build quite the body when your packing 160 pounds on your shoulder all day. I was around 220 pounds of muscle. In good shape. Feelin not to bad.

Saturday it started. Minor cramp at first. Nothing new. By sunday it was a massive cramp that was almost laying me out. Money was tight, and I figured it would pass. I had this happen before where it would last more then a hour or so. But a day or so.

On the 4th day, my co worker decided he had enough of doing all the work. Sent me to the hospital. They handed me some T3's (which do nothing to me) and ran my blood. I was ushered out the door with a nice pat on the bum and a smile. I went home, layed down and cried. It hurt so bad I could barely move. Somehow I slept. I woke up screaming in pain. It took me 30 min to crawl out of bed. Every twitch and movement hurt so bad.

Back down to the hospital. This time, they get me in for a catscan. Before I got back to the ER, they had people from admitting, a real doctor, blood test people, and drug people. They calmly told me I would be staying awhile.

This time they where nice enough to at least do something real about the pain. Morphine is great when its your first time.

My bowels had closed up. My crap had backed up, and where my crohns was the worst my bowels had actually ripped open. I was spilling blood, crap, and whatever else into my open body.

They said I was so sick, that 12 hours later and I probably would have died. I was cut off from all food and drink. Not allowed to ingest anything. IV pumped your basic saleen solution into me. Not much for nutrients but oh well. I wasnt thirsty...ever.

A week went by while they pumped my body full of antibiotics. Finally they deemed me safe enough to cut open.

Had my surgery. They took a few feet worth of bowel out, and sewed me back up. Good as new. Spent 3 more weeks in the hospital. Went in at 220 pounds. Came out at 178. Not bad for a diet plan thats for sure. Unfortunately it was all my muscle that was gone.

A week after getting out, I was on my bathroom floor crying in pain, puking my stomach up and trying to call for help. This time, I had blood clots from the surgery racing threw my veins threatening to kill me. Wonderful.

Add up one more week in the hospital. They only let me leave when I could show them I could needle myself the blood thinners.

Wow. What a wall of text.

Well that was 2 years ago now. I tried all the medication they gave me after, but they all made me sick pretty bad. I missed more work from trying the meds then from tme symptoms I had.

I said fuck it. Now Im medication free, minus pain killers and muscle relaxants. Hydromorphone is great for killing pain.

Doctor wants me to take Remicade, but its not covered by my medical. Its way to expensive to pay out of pocket, so until I figure out how to pay for it, Im medication free.

So yes. Im basically a ticking time bomb. Its only a matter of time before surgery number 2 kicks my ass.

So yea. Thats my story. Im sure Im missing things. But hey, its 4:30 am. youll let it slide right?

Thanks for reading, assuming you did read it all! :P
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Wow, I'm so sorry all of this happened to you! I can't really think of anything else to say, except welcome to the Board.
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Welcome, Snatch.

I'm in Calgary. I went through a lot of what you've been experiencing. Fire me a Personal Message if you feel the need to talk.
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Welcome. I am sorry to hear you have gone through so much already. Doctors can be very frustrating, but then you eventually find one that is really good. Hope things get better for you.
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Thank you all for such a warm welcome.

Yes it has been a very trying thing. I have been dealing with it almost half my life. Thats a long time no matter how old you are!

GoJohnny - I live in edmonton. Why dosnt Alberta health care cover remicade? I think its silly.

Stress is the number one trigger for me. I can eat any food I want, and drink any booze I want. But stress will affect me withiin a hour. I have had to change my whole way of thinking about almost everything in order to limit the amount I stress.
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hi Snatch, welcome to the forum

i gotta ask - where did you get that nickname? lol
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Hello Dingbat,

A valid question if there ever was one.

My best friend and I lived together for awhile. During that time, his girlfriend moved in with us. We all got along great though so it worked out.

She went to the warpt tour that year, and brought me back a shirt that says "Im so Happy I could shit"

It was very fitting because of all the problems I had with pooping and such. But before she sould present the shirt to me, I Snatched it out of her hands and ran away with it. She called me a Snatch and it stuck ever since. The only people who call me Paul are people I work with.

I also race motocross, and I love the 250cc 2 stroke bikes. Thus Snatch250 was born. Some people actually just call me 250. Whatever makes you happy
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Hey Snatch Welcome!! BTW Nice sutures you got there bet you have a pretty nice scar. I had the same exact cut but my staples got infected and they had to take them out and let it heal open using wet 2 dry dressings now my belly looks like crap
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aw that is a lovely story about your nickname, Snatch

i just re-read your opening post in this thread, & one sentence really struck a chord with me. the reference to the ticking time bomb. i can really identify with that feeling, as i am sure many others can too. & that feeling in itself is enough to stress us out, even when we're not suffering with symptoms.

your scar is so neat! i wish mine was as pretty as that lol. maybe my surgeon needs to attend needlework classes lol

good to have you here - i hope things stay settled for a long, long time.

& hi Chelu915 - i must have missed your arrival here, so a belated welcome to the forum
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Thanks Chelu and Dingbat. The lady doctor that did my surgery was fantastic. Not only was it a very clean and nice cut, but she made me feel like everything was going to be ok, and that she had everything under control.

I had never had surgery before, and it is a very nerve racking experience. It was early in the morning, or late at night depending. She came and talked to be before I got prepped in the surgery room. Held my hand and let me cry. I had nobody there to talk to, and she really helped calm my nerves.

Funny story time!!

I got into the surgery room, and there was probably 6 people in there doing various things. I got up on the table and was sitting there getting my epidural put in (scary as hell! that needle is massive) and there was this cute girl in front of me. She was going to shave my belly and prepare for incision. I was naked besides my gown, and as Im getting the needle in my back, she started talking to me to help keep me calm. Everything went well, and when they told me to lay down, I looked at her and said "If I get a erection while Im out or on my way out...Its because your beautiful"

She blushed and looked away, and the guy behind me laughed. Luckily, they had me knocked out before my penis could make up its mind. I have no idea if I did while I was out, but I dont think I did. my body was so stressed, and I was knocked way out. Either way, I went under with a smile on my face!

I do feel like a ticking time bomb. I know its just a matter of time before everything goes to shit again. Compared to some of the people here, Im living the dream. And compared to the people I know, Im living in hell. Its really only a matter of perception on the situation though.

I can now feel my body like I never could before. I know what my guts are doing at all times, I know what my stomach is doing at all times. I can feel the insides that I could never feel before. I mean, I could feel them before, but I paid no attention to it. Nothing ment anything to me before. Now I monitor every little twitch inside me. Its weird.

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