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Remicade in Australia

Hi everyone!

I am Canadian and interested in moving to Australia on a working holiday visa for 6 months to a year. My coordinator told me that I need to find an infusion clinic in Australia and see if they will accept my remicade that I bring with me from Canada.

I am having a hard time finding infusion clinics. I have left one a message and have not heard back yet. I also read in another forum that I am able to go to the public hospital there to have my medication infused? Is that true?

Do you know if they will accept my medication from Canada if I bring it with me?

I realize there will be costs involved. Does anyone know of a GP I can contact to speak to there?

Any help is much appreciated! This has been a dream of mine and I feel so held back because of a medication.

Thank you,

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Might be an idea to let the OZ members know where exactly you will be staying in Australia. I would also check whether it legal to import Remicade into this country. That may sound silly, but States and the federal Government are prone to having silly rules.

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