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Drinking and medical interactions?

So I've played beer pong and stuff like that with my friends recently, and one of my friends, who works at the pharmacy i get my meds at, said i should really not drink at all. He told me that my Mercaptipurine (spelling?) interacts with alcohol or something like that.

Now, i've read my bottle before i kno it says that you shouldn't drink alcohol with this medicine, but i had thought that meant not to drink while taking it (as in, instead of using water to swallow my meds, i uses an alcoholic bev) So i did research, but i'm still a little confused. Can someone give me a little help here? should i not be drinking at all?

-and i kno not to drink beer, since i heard it affects crohn's sometimes, so when i play beer pong, i drink hard liquor. Is this bad at all?
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well mercaptopurine AKA 6-mp is really a type of chemotherapy. regular liver enzyme checks are required once you start taking this medicine because it tends to put quite a bit of stress on your liver function although less than other meds. it also has a cumulative effect in the body which means that it gets in your system and stays for a while so drinking with this med i unadvisable b/c your liver is already under stress from the meds w/o adding alcohol to the equation.
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The warning on the bottle means do not drink any alcohol at all while taking this medicine.

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