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i need some help (warning graphic)

Hey all, it's been awhile since i last signed on, life has gotten crazy.
Work has gotten busier and with summer in full swing we have been enjoying vacation with the family.
As far as my crohn's have been treating me i thought as far as my gut was concerned i was doing pretty good. I've had a pretty consistent pain track after i eat, first in the stomach, then in the lower right side, then the lower left side. Pretty consistent. And i guess i got used to it. The worst thing that has put my gut out of my mind is the onset of Arthritis. This has been the more serious issue. Pain that is so bad at times i feel as if my feet and hands are broken. They tried putting my on 40mg of Humira, but after one injection i developed a severe pain in my right jaw. Stopping me from eatting solid food for a few days. My Rheumatalogist (sp) suggested i stop all further injections and wait about a month to come back and see him. Thats on the 19th this month.
To make a long story short ( i know i'm too late at that) I had something today that i never had before.
I saw what looked like a bright red blood in my stool, it appeared oily in texture and it was red when i wiped.
I've never had blood in my stool before. My crohn's has always been more about constipation and cramping followed by massive relief and then regular movements for a few days before i go back through the cycle again.
I have to say i'm a bit nervous. I had what i call an attack last night where i had serious cramping, and the feeling that i was going to vomit causing me to shake and sweat.
The was of course at the AC/DC concert. Doesn't life get any better LOL.
Anyways i always appreciated the honest and helpful advise that this site offers.

should this be something to be concerned about?
Thanks in advance,
Tim (aka :itsmeagain )

Crohn's Disease Forum » General IBD Discussion » I need some help (warning graphic)
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