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Levaquin - anyone experience longterm effects?

I've taken levaquin off-and-on (maybe 6 times?) in the last few years. I currently, and have had in the past, symptoms such as headaches, sore neck glands, FATIGUE, heart-pounding in chest, and head, etc. I'm just taking shots in the dark (pow! bang! oof!), and wondering if the levaquin could have something to do with this, and how long side-effects from antibiotics could last. What do you think? Or are the symptoms pretty typical of Crohn's? BTW, Levaquin does seem to help me with pouchitis symptoms.
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I have no experience with this antibiotic but I would imagine it could be a mixture. Perhaps the heart pounding, headaches and sore neck glands are the medication and the fatigue is more related to your Crohns. As to the side effects well they would most likely last whilst ever you are taking the med but should cease when you stop taking it. I guess this would be the way of isolating what was Crohns related and was caused by the Levaquin.

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I've taken Levaquin multiple times over the years and have not noticed anything different that may have been associated with use of the drug.....

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I was on Levaquin a few years back for pneumonia. I had some awful side effects, including the accelerated heart beat and fatigue. At that point, I had gone to the website "" and researched the drug a little bit. If I remember correctly, others who had taken the drug noted these same side effects, along with a whole host of others, including pain in legs, back, shoulders, etc.

You could consult the website yourself and see if any of the symptoms that patients on Levaquin describe fit your symptoms. However, it is always difficult to separate the Crohn's from the effects of Crohn's pet peeve!
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I took Levaquine for a while and other than the rapid heart rate palpitations, it cause my tendem to rapture (known side effect.)
It will be out of your system withing a week to few weeks.
Have you tried Cipro? very effective on pouchitis.
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Levaquin is in the same family as cipro. I have been on cipro off and on and it makes me feel awful. I had a few full blown panic attacks on this type of med ..Heart beating fast, feeling "off". I wasn't able to do much on my last course of cipro and noticed that the tendons in my arm are messed up. I'm wearing a tennis elbow brace as of now and using ice and massage.
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I know this thread is a bit old, but I just wanted to let you know, i'm having those exact same things, but I can't tell if it's from levaquin or just side effects for something. I was on levaquin all 3 times i was admited into the hospital within the past month. The headaches started then, so did my rapid heart rate..... i mean i've had rapid heart rate before, but never when i had no caffiene- and LOTS of it.
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