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Pred & thyroid issues..

*Sighs* ..
I went to the doctor the other day, and the doc felt that my thyroid was enlarged. I'm feeling it more tonight than I was then. So i'm thinking it's enlarged even more since then... But... idk.. The test that was done, was blood work testing my levels on pretty much everything.. my thyroid level was normal. I don't understand how it can be enlarged, sore, and hurting, and even feels like i have something in my throat that i can't swallow down.. but still show up on tests as alright.
My doc mentioned the prednisone with my thyroid being big has her worried, and she stated this more than once too.. She never said WHY tho. (and stupid me, didn't ask why).
my glucose levels have also been mildly high ... 135 and 155 (last two tests) and both of those I hadn't ate for over 24 hours. I normally run 80 when i didn't eat for 12hrs. I run low and will faint more than anything in my life.. Never have I really had issues with high blood sugar, it's been more of my diet issue of not getting enough sugars in my diet that caused low blood sugar.

And i went to the er the other night due to my heart rate being 168bpm, and my chest 'wall' hurting, along with clammy hands with sweat and cold. dizzyness with low fever, and a throbbing headache. i had to walk home.... out of the 36 miles, i walked about 15 of them.. shoeless. and I almost broke down crying on my nurse today when she told me i really needed to go back and i hate when i'm treated like the staff of some place are rude and short and saying things like "we need to get her out, she's taking up a bed we need for the one in room 2. " and "she just wants to be admited" and "oh.. it's you... again. well.. what is it THIS TIME?" ... and when i was trying to explain to them things, like i had home health care, it turned into more of an interigation where they didn't really believe me, or that i was taking up space and life, and air! ... v.v gah! I wanna cry again. - but I just don't know what to do .. i'm overly senstive to the actions and hints people drop off through their tones in their voices and their body language.
anyways, sorry i went off of my main reason for this post...
Does anyone know anything on the link pred would have with the thyroid? and why it would be enlarged yet come back fine on the blood work?
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The thyroid gives out natural hormones and natural steroids, I think. Pred is a manmade steroid and it can interfere with the body producing natural stuff (hence the need for a taper, so the body realises and has time to start making its own stuff again.

As for the swelling, a swollen thyroid is called a goitre, or Derbyshire neck. It can happen because of a mineral deficiency (or is it too much of a mineral- sorry I can't remember! I would look it up but I'm supposed to be getting ready for work). And I guess if a blood test came back normal it must be doing its job even though its swollen.
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ok, thank you I will google it.
I feel a little better, because i was confused so badly by how it could be swollen, and the doc clarified that it was... then my blood work come back fine in that area. I wonder if there's anything to do to decrease the swelling.

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