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Urgent Advice Needed ASAP Please

My son is prepping right now for his first colonoscopy. The stuff they gave him to drink 2 liters twice of..... well he called me and said he is going to vomit it is so horrid to him. He is trying to call into the doctor on call but seriously on a Sunday night I don't think he will have much luck. Can he add sugar to it? They gave him flavors to add, but he said they are horrid and it tastes to him like spoiled milk? Any help please.....He has to have this test tomorrow morning!!! Thanks so much.
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It can be really common to throw up some of the prep, they give you so much that it's okay to vomit some of it up, I know I did.
It's not the most fun but he won't be able to add anything to it, the point is to clear the digestive system and any additives may leave a residue or interfere with the scope which may mean needing to go through all of this again.
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I don't know what he is using but we were told we could add clear liquids to my sons prep. He drank it with Sprite and his reports said he was well-prepped.
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Doctor called him and said he could put a tad of sugar in it, or add 7up. He suggested some people bite a lemon before a gulp to mask the tastebuds a bit. So great ideas. He is almost done with the first 2 liters and then has a few hours before the next round!!
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I recently had a colonoscopy and I had to drink magnesium sulfate. I bought the lemon flavored, chilled it and mixed it with diet 7-up.

(I had to drink one bottle at 6 pm and one at 6 am and my test was at 12:15 pm.)

Not sure what your son required to drink.
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I think he said it is Twilight? He lives at his own place so I didn't see it. I just get the phone calls for help and complaints! Fingers crossed we get an answer tomorrow. Do they know sometimes right then and there if you have Crohns?
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Yes, my dr told me right when I woke up that I had it in my small intestine. Of course, he did biopsies to be sure. I guess he could see that it was full of ulcers and inflamation.
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I have colonoscopies and everytime I get the answers right there. I dont wake up groggy but you have to have someone there (in Canada anyways) or they wont let you leave. If you are there with him, you will know too. You never mentioned what country you are from I am assuming the US? Good luck with his results. Never heard of Twilight.
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I have had scopes without someone to take me home. My doc and I agreed to do it under half sedation, and I had to promise to take a cab (despite the fact I live 3 blocks away) no one told me I needed an escort home.
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