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Diagnosed 03/2010 Terminal Ileum

Hello my name is Matthew, I am 27 Years old. Around February 2010 i started experiencing abdominal pain every now and again ( once a week ). Mostly shortly after eating or drinking. I originally narrowed it down to carbonated drinks or so i thought. The pains which i would describe as "attacks" lasted for about 5 mins at a time and were the most horrible things i could only describe as a knife twisting in my stomach. By April 2010 they became so frequent maybe 3 times a day I had no other choice but admit myslef to the emergency room. after a CT and a visit to my GI doctor i was told i have Crohn's Disease and I would be in for a life long battle. I have been on Asacol HD since then and Bentyl whenever i get crampy. It had worked fine for about a year, but a month ago i again started experincing the "attacks". Admitted myslef again to an ER after waking up with a very different feeling in my Abdomen. After another CT , Colonoscopy, Barium Contrast, Abdoment Study I was told it was just another Crohn's Flare up. SUCKS!! But now i am on Predinsone, Asacol , Cipro, and Tramadol for pain. Still struggling with fatigue and Pains on and off. Now i have a Upper Respitory Infection which i was given a Z pack and Flonase. So all of this Medication is making it very hard to work and make it through the day. Also taking care of a 3 year old, and have twins on the way! But Hopefully everything will be ok ?!?
Also I suffer from both the C and the D alternating. ( Constipation and Diharrea )
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Wow, the stuff stacks up. Hopefully things subside for you soon and the lifelong battle will be much more subdued. Meanwhile, welcome. It sucks that you're here, but good that you're here.

Heal well.
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Welcome to the forum where you will get plenty of support. Hang in there and let us help you if we can.
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Hi Matthew, I'm glad you found your way here. A lot of people here can feel your pain, believe me. It's SO FRUSTRATING when one thing after another gets lumped on top of you. Just as we seem to think we're getting a handle on whatever we've been dealing with, WHAM, something new pops up.

Anyway, I hope that you're able to get things under control soon and that your infection clears up quickly. I wish you all the best and congratulations on the little ones!

See you around the boards
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Hiya Matthew
and welcome

Take it easy, you'll need all your strength when the little ones arrive!
Hopefully the Pred will take hold and give you some much needed energy soon.
lotsa luv
Joan xxx


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Hi Matthew and welcome!

Wow, you've got a lot going on in your life! Hope you can get stuff under control before those babies arrive. Do you and your doc have a plan for long-term treatment? Asocol is usually used for more mild to moderate CD. Maybe time to discuss Remi or Humira??

Do you see a doc in Philly? I go to Presbyterian and am very happy there.

- Amy
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Matthew I have both C and D too, I get the C because of the side effects of my pain meds, and the D when I am flaring. I hate it! I just want to take a normal crap again!
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Asacol-didn't work
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Entecort-stopped working
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