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I've been living with Crohn's Disease for many years, and was only correctly diagnosed in 1992. Would like to learn more about the additional role of SSRI antidepressant in the treatment of auto immune diseases like Crohn's. I've been simptom-free for the first time in my life since I was put on antidepressant treatment 4 years ago. When I gradually stopped taking medication last year, I experienced severe pain within 3 months. Back to normal again.

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HI Reinette and welcome!

There are a lot of people here on SSRIs to help with anxiety/stress, which can greatly impact Crohn's. It's great that the SSRI is keeping things under control for you! I don't think I have read about anyone here using only those as a treatment, usually they are used in conjucntion with something else.

You'll learn a lot about Crohn's and treatments here - lots of knowledgeable people with good advice.

- Amy
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Hi Amy, thanks for the reply. I am on Crohn's medication, but discovered that since I've taken antidepresants, there has been a marked improvement - no more diarree, no flares etc. I think the antidepressants "calm" my immune systems too!
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Welcome, Reinette! That is really interesting how you have gone into remission with the help of antidepressants. It does make sense being that our emotional state really has an affect on our disease. I struggle with anxiety and had taken Paxil in the past. I have wondered if I should once again take Paxil, because the stress this disease can cause makes symptoms worse. Perhaps I will give it more thought. Thanks.

Diagnosed with Crohn's Disease - July 2010
Diagnosis of Crohn's Disease Retracted - October 2011

I am still sick and so confused...
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I recently read an interesting article on the internet (news-medical.net) SSRI antidepressant may also effect human immune system. As Crohn's disease falls within this research, I realised that more people might be interested. I think this is new research and if other people can benefit, it should be further explored. I'm 61 years old and in an advanced stage with my disease and have come to terms with it, but what if other people could benefit from it at an early stage?
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Crohn's might not be an auto immune disease, our immune system might be completely normal if Crohn's is a bacterial disease, which is very likely at this point.

Naltrexone is helping people with Crohn's, but it actually stimulates the immune system, if Crohn's was only an autoimmune disease this wouldn't make sense, it should make Crohn's worse, but it doesn't.
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Thanks Kiny. I just found out - this medication is not registered in South Africa due to drug abuse! In general here, treatment with imported drugs are extremely expensive and not available for ordinary people, as most private medical aids refuse to pay for it. No support from the state either.
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Hi Reinette welcome

I am glad that the SSRI treatment is letting you be symptom free!!

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