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Son with Crohn's

Our son was diagnosed with IBD in the fall of 2009, at the age of 13. He was not successfully diagnosed for 9 months so the Crohn's did damage throughout his body from his throat to the other side. He was put in remission using a month long treatment of prednisone, long term azathioprine, and 3 iron pills a day. He has experienced a "normal" high school career despite his disease. Unfortunately, he stop growing at the onset of the disease and treatment as well as still having anemia. We are now seeing an endocronologist as well as a gastroentimologist. He will soon be 16 years old and the doctor would like to try Remicade infusions as a treatment. I am told this will help him start to grow again and his body will absorb any nutrients he is taking. I have read the side effects of Remicade in adolescent boys with Crohn's. I am very scared that he will have an adverse reaction since one of the reported side effects are lymphoma in adolescent boys. He will have to take his azathioprine as well as the Remicade for six months then go strictly to the Remicade. Has anyone else had to follow this route and/or had problems with this treatment? I am trying to make the best decision for my son and his future.
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Hi and welcome! There are many parents on here with the same concerns you have regarding treatment. It is hard enough to decide which route to go for yourself, but it is much more difficult to decide on the right treatment for your child.

I don't have any experience with Remicade, but I know it has done wonders for so many on here. I highly recommended doing some research in the Remicade sub-forum under the Treatment section. Also, be sure to visit the Parents of Kids with IBD sub-forum under the Support section. Post your questions there, and I bet you'll have many parents get back to you.

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Greetings and welcome. I'm so sorry that your son and your family is having to go through this. I hope the Remicade and Parents of Kids subforums Jill alluded to will be of help to you. Don't be shy about asking questions, that's what we're here for.

I wish you, your son and your family all the best.

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