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New from India

My bad luck started in Jan 2009 suddenly developed tingling in the leg followed by In Mar 2009 had a endoscopic spine surgery, after that suddenly started losing weight around 8 to 10kgs doctors with frequent runs to the toilet dismissed it initially as stomach upset due to stress and lack of eating.

In June 2009 doctors suggested a series of blood tests, abdominal scan, CT and a colonoscopy so had my second colonoscopy (had first one 4 years back everything was perfect was asked to repeat after turning 40) the blood test showed a slight below range of hemoglobin, abdominal scan showed narrowing of the intestine, CT sh,owed Diffuse Ileal thickning with sparing of large bowel, the colonoscopy came back with IBD/Crohns but the biopsy samples taken returned the result may be ulcerative colitos or Intestine TB (both look the same) took the Mantoux test which was negative but was still advised to take TB drug therapy for a year since TB is quite common in India, and steroids are lethal for TB so underwent a year of TB therapy.

At the end of the year in june 2010 had my next colonoscopy which again turned with the same result the doctor doing the colonoscopy says crohns and the biopsy point to UC. Underwent one round of steroids treatment which lasted or 4 months along with mesacol and folic acid.Then was put on anal steroids for 2 months,

had a sigmoidoscopy Dec 2010 doctor said it had improved, but had developed some anal fissures was switched to Asacol 2400mg, Budiz 9mg and folic acid 5mg with reducing budiz right now on 3mg.

this is my long story so if i look at it it is just 2 years but it feels like it has been forever... my business had 12 people before 2009 now I am down to 2 people Though i get my bouts of running to the toilet only towards evening, and am down to around 4 times a day still getting up in the morning is a little depressing when you have skid marks on your underwear and have to take a spare one around with you.
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Hiya Vipinshetty
and welcome

Yes! We can all relate to that!
But, you're no longer alone, there's lots of Crohnie friends here for you, so we'll see you around the forum
lotsa luv
Joan xxx


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Hi and welcome! I am sorry it took so long for you to get some answers. But I am glad your symptoms are more managable now that you are receiving the right treatment. I hope you continue to do well!

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I am still sick and so confused...
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Welcome aboard !!
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