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Hi all!

MY 14 year old son has been diagnosed with Crohn's. We use essential oils a lot in our house already and I am wanting to follow up on this post to see how those who used EO for Crohns are doing?

Any success stories?
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i want to try essential oils. where do i start guys?
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I would ask the doctor first, then I would do research into what I'm trying to treat. From there it's a matter of deciding what will help and what won't. Others may have far more insight regarding the uses of essential oils. Good luck and let us know if you find anything beneficial to you.

I will actually look into it myself too because I have a fairly holistic approach to treating my disease currently. My diet is under the supervision of a doctor, I will ask him about essential oils too. I'll share any info I find out. Cheers!
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Topically, yes.
Ingesting, no.
That's my opinion.

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