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Which is the best bowel prep?

Hi, so im having a colonoscopy on friday and i have to take bowel prep the day before ive been given picolax and a bottle of something (not sure what type it is). Is picolax alright or is it horribe and what does it taste like im soo worried?

Which do you think is the best bowel prep including taste ans amount?
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The best combo I have had is taking two ducolax 3 days and 2 days before the scope and taking picosalax (which tastes like salty orange soda) the day before/morning of. I;ve had to do golitely (the gallon jug one) and had to do Fleet phosphosoda ages ago, but don;t think they use that anymore.

good luck!
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I was prescribed two Dulcolax four hours before taking the first sachet of picosalix mixed with water as per directions then the second package as directed by your doctor.,it was orange flavour and easy to drink
It is important to drink clear fluids,no red ,or purple colours..drink at least a large glass of clear fluid every half hour.the more fluid you take the better it works.
Stay close to the bathroom....keep something handy to read or your iPad if you have one.
Good luck....let us know how you make out
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I had MoviPrep for my colonoscopy and had to drink half a gallon for each dose. Every 15 minutes, I had to drink another 8 ounces until it was gone. It was disgusting and I had to gulp it to keep from throwing it back up. The good thing is it didn't have any horrible side effects for me like abdominal cramping, vomiting, nausea (other than drinking it). The only weird side effect I got was some burping due to the acid in the prep sachets that made it a little carbonated. It worked really well, though, and cleaned me out fairly quickly. I started it at 5:30pm and was running clear around 11pm.
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