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Getting surgery

Seeing my doctor in a month or so and going to bring up the idea of having surgery, all though I'm OK right now it's not enough. Still cramping a lot, constant gas, constantly going to the toilet etc.. I'm sure you all know what I'm talking about.

From what I understand Ill be able to actually have a life. If having to go to the toilet in a bag is the price, I'm fine with that because right now I can't do anything. Even going to the shops which is a 5 minute walk is a huge problem.

Have been looking through sites these last few days and it sounds like the right decision.

Not being able to do simple things. I rarely go out, have not been on holiday for 7-8 years because travelling
is my idea of a nightmare. The idea of having to sit in traffic with no toilet within reach worries me, a lot.
It's not way to live.

I always thought it was something the doctor decided because it's quite major, is that the case?
Been on all sorts of different drugs for going on 10 years (I'm 22 now) and I have had enough.

Were any of you the ones to say to your doctor, I want the surgery?

Look forward to your replies

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