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...has anyone tried Ayurveda treatments?
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Muppet I appreciate your comment, though again I will mention that I have not used ANY PRESCRIPTION MEDICATIONS since 1991. My crohns is not cured, but I have MAINTAINED CROHNS WITHOUT PRESCRIPTIONS. I still have symptoms at times but they are usually minor. I have gone up to 1yr to 2 yrs without a major flareup. Herbs are only a part of my treatment. Food is probably the most important treatment for Crohns. Supplements are another very important treatment since our intestines dont absorb all the nutrients from the foods we eat. It is not as easy as taking some prescription pills. It takes much more effort and it is not easy & eating the right foods takes discipline, but it is attainable. I am able to do it & so have others. Of course if someone is on a prescription they should not just stop it abruptly, since they might have a flareup. They should learn about natural treatments first and then start applying some of it & see how they feel. The book I mentioned is what I base my treatments on since 1991.
" Prescription For Nutritional Healing ". I can tell you from my experience these past 20 yrs that I have no regrets going natural.

Just making a comment about what you posted... as I have had crohns for 5 years now and in that time I have already had 40cm of my ileum removed as well as a perianal fistula and now a suspected rectovaginal fistula.... I did get off all my meds as I didn't appreciate the side effects and I believe the drugs are a band aid solution treating symptoms and not the actual cause... the fact "conventional medicine" has no wholistic approach to the way they treat patients had intuitively always bothered me and is why I stopped... But I believe I was so unwell (I was 51kg and im 172cm tall) and malnourished that nothing was going to help me at that stage so I agreed to have the surgery to get rid of the damaged part of my intestines and my appendix was also removed it has rotted away!! Anyhow after the surgery I was scared to get back on the drugs and I was compliant (my surgery was in July last year) but now my perianal fistula has become a rectovaginal one as I now have fecal discharge coming from my vagina... Im really angry and frustrated and I admire your strength to go the natural way I also want to do it again as Im already up shit creek without a paddle and the drugs have not helped me!! Im studying nutrition and I was studying massage and personal training but for the last few weeks I have not been going to school Im getting depressed and anxious that that people will smell whats going on downstairs... how did u progress and wind down off the drugs? I am taking infliximab so I either go and get the infusion or I don't.. just over it to be honest id love for the ground to swallow me up whole but that's not realistic so I guess I try to herbs and natural supplements again
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Sorry for not replying to your original question. I know this is very belated.
How have you been doing lately ? Hopefully things have improved for you.

And have others on this thread benefited from any of the alternative treatments discussed on this thread by some the friends here.
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You can't maintain a Crohn's remission with herbals. It's fantasy. Sorry. No well corroborated study supports this.

I'm glad you've had such a long remission, and maybe your condition is just mild which is also a godsend, but preaching to people that they should go off their meds even gradually in pursuit of this nonsense is irresponsible.

I agree that diet is a major component and that a remission can even be maintained with diet, to a point. For some longer than others, and for a very rare few maybe indefinitely.

If you want to advocate for this sort of thing, you should post peer reviewed study, not self help books, as sources.
Sorry to resurrect a dead post, and I 100% understand where muppet is coming from. As someone with UC I feel this way about SDC and Fodmap diet. I hear people preaching it cured them of UC. I 100% don't belive this. I have seen ZERO peer reviewed papers tying diet to remission.

On the other hand I have have peer reviewed papers that he is requesting. I dont have ten posts, so I cant posts links but I can post paper titles that you can google yourself.

Nettle leaf - "Ameliorative effect of IDS 30, a stinging nettle leaf extract, on chronic colitis."

Tumuric (Curcumin)- "Curcumin shows promise for treatment of mild-to-moderate ulcerative colitis"

Green Tea EGCg - "Green Tea Polyphenols and Sulfasalazine have Parallel Anti-Inflammatory Properties in Colitis Models."

I would not be willing to try any of these if their had not at least been some laboratory evidence to back it up.

Muppet has SOME valid points. But on the other hand there is no money to be made in a bottle of pills that cost 7$ a month when your 5-asa drugs are 500$ a month. Your Remicade is $6,000 an infusion. Why would big companies and insurance want anything to do with a medicine that they cant make any money off. Big Pharma pushes doctors to push their meds. There is no herbal rep that comes and pushes a non FDA approved herbal remedy even it is clinically proven to work. My doctor wisphered to me to try some alternative meds, but admitted he has no experience in them. I actually had find and print out peer reviewed medical papers on CBD use on IBD to give to him to read because he was unaware of what CBD even was. and there are TONS of peers reviewed papers linking CBDs effectiveness in fighting IBD.

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