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Do I have crohn's?

I started getting severe constipation, heartburn digestive issues and itching about 7 years ago. I thought it was from taking vicodin but i quit taking pain killers 3 years ago and the constipation never stopped. The more i was constipated the more i would itch and the more my face would feel swollen. Come to find out later 2 years after i started getting sick i moved into an apartment that had a lot of mold not sure if mold can make you this sick but i do know the sicker i got my face felt like it was swelling up as a i chewed. Which is something that still happens to this day.

I told the doctor about this he gave me senna and told me to eat a lot of fiber.
I did this for about 1 months ate lots of raw veggies and took senna for a month after about 2 weeks i could tell something was wrong. My face started swelling with chewing and i started getting anaphylactic reactions to eating.

I've never been the same since and now have chronic diarrhea I haven't ate food for a year I live on vivonex and l-glutamine my body is incredibility sensitive. A few months ago i tried eating a few months ago because i found a medication called cholestyramine that slowed down my diarrhea something i still had a lot of on vivonex. And i went to the bathroom 27 times in 4 days trying to eat while on cholestyramine with every meal. And i went back to my formula and my intestines as they settled down felt so raw my face would feel swollen just from the vivonex residue and my own stool settling in.

I had colonoscopy/and endo showed nothing. Yet i have a complete total food intolerance. Just trying to add whey protien to my vivonex causes an allergic reaction i can feel in my face within 3 - 5 min of ingestion.

Does anyone know whats wrong with me? I do have pelivc floor dysfunction but i can't eat food period. And i'm very sensitive to environmental issues. I i go into a thrift store i will feel sick.

If anyone has a answer please let me know thank you. But i can't ingest food of anykind. Im fatigued all the time etc...

has anyone experienced anything like this with crohns or a IBD.
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Hi Justin, what specialists have you seen and what have their thoughts been? A colonoscopy and endoscopy should detect Crohn's, it's possible they miss it but not that likely. IBD symptoms are often influenced by eating, but are not allergic reactions. Have you seen an allergist? If not that would probably be a good place to start.
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Welcome to the community. When you say you have a total food intolerance, what are you consuming for nutrients?
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I live purely and solely on vivonex. It's an amino acid based formula. I'm allergic to every and all animal and plant proteins. I get an instant histamine reaction upon chewing anything. And i can't hold anything the higher the residue the worse it is. Everything I eat comes out undigested. I tried eating gluten free pasta and it all comes out in giant chunks. As long as i don't eat food i don't get much facial swelling only some puffiness depending on an environmental trigger like mold or dust. But when i was eating food my face would swell bad i can't even function. I'm still having tests done.

They think i might have mastocytosis, i do have pelvic floor dysfunction. And they think i might have a bad gallbladder and motility issues.

I was exposed to mold when i got the sickest but i had many health and gi problem prior to the exposure. And i've never heard anyone deal with what i have being exposed to mold. And this wasn't walls falling apart mold it was crappy apartment with a bunch of window seal mold. But it was bad enough that my kids were getting rashes and my son has lung issues. My wife was generally unaffected.

Most people that have heard whats wrong with me say i sound closely associated with crohn's. But whats going on with me are allergic reactions it seems.

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