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is there such a thing as remission?

i feel discouraged. I have met a few people in my town who have crohn's and they keep saying they have been fine for years now...what? They have the same doctor as me...i don't get it i've had crohn's for 3 years now and i haven't had more than 2 weeks of pain free days. I thought that maybe it's because they have had it longer and were treated longer but one of these people were just diagnosed 4 months ago and they are already feeling great. Is this how it's gonna be for the rest of my life or am i just being impatient? Don't get me wrong i am very happy for those who have minimal flare ups and everything that comes with it but why is nothing working for me?...i'm always in and out of the hospital and i feel so alone around here..everyone keeps telling me that maybe it's all in my head and that just makes me feel crazy...can someone please tell me that i am not crazy?
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Everybody is different, Linder. Some meds work for some people, and not others. Same with diets. You're not crazy just because you have pain. Others just don't understand what we're all going through. I'm hoping that remission finds you soon. You certainly deserve a break. Just remember that you're not alone.

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Thank you it feels so nice just to hear that i'm not crazy or alone...and you're right people don't understand what we are going through....i love this forum for that reason
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I agree with Jessica. Everyone is different. I spent 6 years in complete remission. It was wonderful. But I have a hard time getting into remission. My flares last a year or more.
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Everyone's Crohn's disease is different. Several of my acquaintances with Crohn's have mild disease. Unfortunately, not every one has mild disease. I certainly don't.

I hope you can get into remission and stay there.
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Hi Linder, I was only diagnosed Dec last year and nothing they tried worked for me. I ended up with a colectomy in May. Even now Crohns is still on the march.

I was told I was the exception that proves the rule!

Ah well. It could be a lot worse. I hope you start to get some relief soon.

Love Kaz xxx

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Don't give up, you will find something that works. I think it is important to stay positive and work with your doctor to try new things. As well as medication, changes in diet and learning how to relax and identify the things that trigger anxiety and stress can make a huge difference. Try keeping a diary or using an application like WellApps to see if specific foods or circumstances are making you worse. Don't sit back and accept it, be proactive and it will get better!

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