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Those of you have had them what did it feel like?

First I would get bloated and sore under my right rib. Chalked it up to gas.

Fast forward a month and now after eating I get a constant dull pain from middle of my chest radiating to under my right rib.gets tender to the touch. Sitting down gets really uncomfortable because it feels like my ribs are jamming the sore spot.

No nausea, blood pressure has really spiked in this time frame too.

After a few hours after eating it dulls out if I lean back on the couch. Then comes back next time I eat.

Any one with experience have something similar?
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I have not but there will probably be others who have experienced gallstones.
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I threw up a lot. I was miserable before my gallstone surgery.
I had a laparoscopic cholecystectomy in 1995.
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I get these pains too and I was diagnosed with sludge on the gallbladder. I was taking ginger for therapy and had to cut it out. I felt better after a month. Cutting back on fats also helps.
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It was a while ago (before Crohn's diagnosis) but I had severe pain that would cause me double over (turns out one stone was stuck in the duct). Foods that are fatty tend to exacerbate symptoms, I believe. Definitely have it checked out if you suspect...you know your body better than anyone!

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