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Work question - benefits during "time off"?

Hello all, hope you're doing well

I work hourly, and with recent flare ups with my Crohn's I've been having trouble getting to and staying in work. They've been extremely understanding (someone in management has a daughter with Crohn's and has definitely been fighting my case with me!) Anyway - I was wondering if there's any kind of benefit I can claim for days I've not been able to work because of the disease. I live in the UK if it helps. I'm aware of SSP (Statutory sick pay) but as far as I know I can't claim for that with Crohn's. I'm starting to struggle with bills and could really do with not reaching for the credit card/emergency loans, so was hoping someone in a similar situation could lend some advice of what I can do, and if it would count as taxable income? On a good year I earn very slightly over the personal allowance amount according to this tax calculator so if these benefits are taxable as I've heard some are it would be useful to know. Thanks in advance!
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I would suggest applying for PIP (personal independence payment.) Crohn’s and Colitis UK have an information sheet to help you to apply. Good luck and let us know how you get on x
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Crohn's Disease Forum » Your Story » Work question - benefits during "time off"?
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