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Pelvis/stabbing pain

Iíve been having ongoing pelvis pain right under my stomach as well as stabbing pain In my upper abdomen. I was stopped from Imuran about 6 months ago. I felt like I was in remission but I donít know why the pain is coming back. Anyone else have pain like this? Does it effect pregnancy? Let me know. Thank you.
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Pelvic pain could be a lot of things. If you have Crohn's and are now on no medication after doing well on Imuran, then it could very well be a Crohn's flare.

These sharp pains are telling you something is wrong. You should follow-up with your doctor right away.
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Hope you feel better soon. 🐝
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May be pain in pelvic is caused by something else? Have you consulted your doctor about stopping taking pills? I kept taking

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