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Can any one offer me some advice pls

Hi there im a married lady of 48 years old and for the last 6 months i have been living like a prisoner in my own home, you see i cant go out, i have been suffering shocking pain in my right side the pain is so bad i just cry with it pain killers arnt helping, i also pass stool about 12 to 14 times a day if i eat, so i try not to eat as cant cope with it all, i have lost blood in my bowel and tests and revealed that not only do i sufer with b12 but im anemica as well, i have had an endscope and colonscope but it showed nothing waiting for baruim test now, i have been sick with it and have lost 2 stone in weight so far i feel so ill, and so alone all i get from my gp is here some more painkillers, i used to be a photographer but i get so much pain in my wrists and shoulder that i cant hold my camera and i just feel like giving up, i have read on crohns and have all the syptoms there but havent been diganosed or am i just going mad love to all cherl x
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Awwww Cherl,

My heart goes out to ya and first and foremost i genuinely wish you well.

Now, whatever you have got going on needs sorting and if you arent getting the correct and appropriate medical attention that you have a right to then, only you can make sure that you do get it. Make enough noise and that should work.

I won't try to diagnose you because i am not a doctor and every single one of us is completely different so . . . .blah blah blah, you know what i mean.

Most importantly keep the chin up my dear, there is light at the end of the tunnel, and there is always support and a big ear here whenever you may need it.

Kind regards

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Hi Cherl
So sorry to hear you are feeling so bad, but I'm glad you found the forum. I know it is very frustrating waiting for hospital appointments etc and it seems some doctors don't like to prescribe stronger drugs til they get a firm diagnosis. I hoe you get a date for the Barium FT soon.
Is it just eating in general that makes you worse or certain foods? Have you seen the Low Residue diet? It might give you a little relief for the moment.
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Helen x
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hey cherl i am having the same problems you are and i havent been diganosed yet everytime i eat my stomach gets to hurting so bad and everytime i eat or drink anything it all goes straught through me and i have been throwing up to my reg doc is doing everything he can to find out whats going on with me he thinks its crohn's i was in the hospital for 3 days last week because i am in so much pain and because i was having so much blood in my stool yout not alone i am here to listen if you need to talk ok hang in there also welcome to the site
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Thanks everyone for the replys, no it doesnt matter what i eat or drink it still goes through me, just feel so tired, of it all today is a very bad day pain is terrible, i feel sad for my poor husband all i do is take my frustration out on him, and all i do snap at him and the cry and then i wish i could go to sleep and not wake, but i try so hard to keep going with the little strenght i have left

its so nice to feel im not talking to myself anymore thanks to this site

god bless all xx cherl xx
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Cheri, your not alone there is whole group of us.

You should come and join us, its a great group wit a lot of advice and support. I am wishing you well and remember you are not alone we are all going through this and I know it is hard but I believe it will be easier if we can all lean on each other for guidance and support. Wishing you well.
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hi all well managed to get an hours sleep, but sick as a dog today as well as the other and terrible pain, doc has been out to give me injection to stop me being sick as body now very dehidrated again.

Id love a normal day one day im sure it will come love to u all cherl xxx

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