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New to Crohn's, dealing with life changes and expenses of disease.

Hello all,

I am a 26 year old who's symptoms first began about four years ago with chronic gnawing upper abdominal pain. My first complication was an abcess, which I drained myself, and thought nothing of how I came to have it. The stomach pains would come and go for the next three years. Then last year I had my second complication, dual fistulas. This passed year has gone by rather smoothly until early April. I had a freeway pile up of emotional stress that I think led to this latest flare up which a majority of the symptoms described all over the internet began to appear. Thankfully I have an extremely supportive family who is helping me through the hard times right now. Literally the week of my diagnoses, when the symptoms were at there worst, I was moving, dealing with my brothers graduation from college, and having my ex girlfriend sabotage my standing at work. So you could say that my world was crashing down. When I first received my medication: Pentasa, and Entocort, my mother picked up my prescription but failed to tell me the price of the medications. I now discovered that my health insurance only covers generic medications and will not cover these new pills. The expense is a huge burden and I have been contemplating giving up my plan of graduate school and continuing my track to becoming a Film professional. Literally my life of about four weeks ago has done a 180 in almost every aspect of said over used statement. I think my number one priority right now though is managing the expense of the disease. Does anyone have any information or insight into helping to pay for the meds?

Oh also Ive been reading a ton about medical marijuana, is this legit , or just a bunch of stoners online trying to make there habit seem noble?

Yours Via Forum,


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Hi Colin and welcome! Yes, this is one costly disease. But the cost for good health is priceless. I see you are in LA. Have you looked into Medi-Cal? A forum member or two has this government sponsored health care.

I hope you can get some kind of assistance for your medication, so you don't need to stop going to school. Also, staying on your meds is important to stay well! So, though you may start to feel better and want to reduce your bills, keep taking your meds!

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Welcome Colin. I know Entocort is mind blowing how much it cost. That's the reason why I don't take it. Even with my insurance it would still cost me about 600 bucks a month. That's just insane. I would let your GI know that entocort is not a viable option for you. More then likely they will then prescribe you prednisone. The drug few crappy side effects, but it's cheap and it works.
Good luck getting back on track and to better health.
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Hi Colin and welcome to the forum. I agree with what has been said about Crohn's, the cost, and medications. I take Entocort; however, when I have a bad flare-up, my doctor puts me right back on Prednisone. It has side effects, but it does work to settle down the inflammation and put you on track to better health. It kind of makes me wonder if being on the Entocort is helping, as I do still get flare-ups. Best wishes!
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Sorry to hear about all the stress you are under. I agree with making staying in school a priority. You might see if the drug companies have any assistance programs. I have used one of these programs with an allergy medication I take.

My GI originally prescribed budesonide (the generic form of Entocort) and my insurance would not cover it but they will pay for Entocort! Go figure, this is a first for me.


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Ya, those meds are the more expensive one. Try having your doctor contacting the insurance and explaining how they are the best and/or only options. This worked for me as far as the pentasa, not entocort tho.

And as far as the med pot, I think its better than most narcotic pain meds; and the side effects are FAR easier to cope with.

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