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I feel your pain.

Hello i just came across this site and am happy to see that there is somewhere to relate with others who have the same illnesses. I have had uc since Sept of 2003. I have just had another flare up since the end of April, still fighting it. I too stay away from food ,i will feel the pain start as soon as i put the food in my mouth. I only eat the blandest of foods when having an attack. I have been on Prednisone for almost 2 mths now and have been weening off them until last week when it started all over again, so my specialist put me back up to a higher dosage. I am still waiting for these to kick in and help me. I am so tired of being sick , afraid of food and do not really leave the house. My med is Salofalk i take 8 per day ,they seemed to work for quite some time till the last 2 mths. Stress is a cause of flare ups and so is certain foods. When i am having a flare up i stay away from all high fiber foods. Good luck
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Hello cecilialynn and welcome to the forum!
I'm glad to see you have posted in other areas also..
don't be afraid to jump in and ask questions or help
others with an answer.

Hope to see more of you on the board.

Welcoming Hugs~Nancy
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