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Watch this movie and get informed about the world :)


for anyone who wants to know more about food and our body, and if you've heard or read here on the forum that vegans do well with healing their body from anything, I have a fantastic movie for you to watch. It's called What the health.

This goes along with the microbiome problem (meat is full of bacteria, that is a fact, and the reason it always needs preservatives and rots easily). Our microbiome is contaminated with a lot of harmful bacteria.

I encourage everyone to try eating better and less, and less meat. Between taking tons of medications, going to the hospital and wasting your life away, I think it is a really small "sacrifice" to try not to eat meat for a few weeks. Every day people literally waste their lives away doing things like watching television for hours, or sitting on your laptop doing nothing.
You know it's true.
Instead of watching politics and the "news" from the world of bad politicians and "famous people" with probably much more complexes than an average person, try watching a documentary about SOMETHING.

There are a lot of things people don't know and were not taught in schools. I am a biologist and I for a fact know that even with a biology diploma (after FIVE YEARS), many people don't understand what's going on in their bodies and in the world. So I can only imagine how much other people DON'T KNOW. I didn't know.

I'm sharing this movie because it addresses the most important things from different angles. For me it's not vegan propaganda, I'm not vegan YET, but I'm getting to it. Every vegan I know is happy and full of energy, I cannot ignore what I see. Think about it without prejudice, because what we've been "taught" about the meat industry, and many other industries (for instance, the fashion industry, there is a great documentary called "The true cost"), is plain wrong and is for the bigger interest of many, many people working in those horrid industries.
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Yes I checked this out at one time, its a shockumentary with biased interpretations of certain data. Just because people aren't willing to talk to this guy doesn't mean there is a conspiracy.

good things about meat: dha, taurine, choline.

bad things about meat: heme iron, neu5g

basically fish and poultry are the healthiest meats, while meat from mammals seem detrimental to our health. antibiotics given to these animals make the meat unhealthy too. Mercury in the fish make things more difficult as well.
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Humans are omnivores, meaning we require both meat and plant based foods. My health remains good only by having a balance that includes both.
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You can call it a shockumentary, but yes, the truth about things that are happening in the world is shocking. In a world where everybody, from politicians to the owner of the market you buy your food in, just wants to take your money in exchange for anything, I don't think that this kind of documentary should be viewed as bad or biased. They made the documentary for a good cause, to inform the people about everything and they are doing it very openly and are being honest in their search for answers. And any corporation that didn't do nothing wrong would come up and say honestly what they do and how they do it. In front of your own eyes they are not letting you see what they do in their factories, but you still somehow think that the story revealing that fact is biased?

You can get everything you need from plants, including choline, taurine and omega 3 fatty acids.

Humans today are eating anything they can get their hands on, including meat, just because someone else is farming the animals and slaughtering them, bringing the meat to the stores where people buy them just like they would, and do, anything else if you bring it to their table. That doesn't mean that humans are supposed to eat that. I wonder how many would kill an animal on their own and prepare it if there weren't butchers. In this documentary it is explained how our digestive system differs from both that of a carnivore and an omnivore.

I'm not trying to get people to become vegans. I want people to know the truth about things and then decide for themselves. They can decrease the amount of meat they eat. It's not black and white. I know how little people know about these things, I know how little I knew before, and I want to help people by letting them know what's going on.
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what i liked about the documentary was that it encouraged people to think, but some relatives of mine were ready to become vegetarians based on the documentary alone which does not provide sufficient information to come to that conclusion.

Dha might be obtained through algea supplements, but there nothing natural about that route, and as far as I'm aware, taurine is only found in large quantities in meat not plants, I've read studies on this. also iodine is only found in animal products, therefore the argument against meat isnt a good one.

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