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Sharps containers. How do you dispose of them?

For those on Humira, Cimzia, or any other injectable, how do you dispose of your sharps containers?

Luckily, I noticed in the local paper that my county is sponsoring a prescription/medical waste disposal drive in October. But I can't count on that always being available since it's the first time they are doing this.

So what do you do with your "sharps"?
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If you have a local fire or EMS agency, contact them - also I believe a hospital would take the least in NY I could take one to any of the above and dispose of it.....and possibly even get a replacement.....

Of, your doctors' office may be able to help you out....

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They sent me a box with my sharps container so that I could mail it back to them to be disposed of properly. I am guessing they didn't send you one??
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you can drop it off at any lab usually.
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I take mine back to the hospital pharmacy and swap it for a new one
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Usually it comes with a postage paid box you can return it in and then they just send you a new one no charge. Look on your container and see if it has an 800# you can call and request a pickup.
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It comes with a pre posted container. If you dont have one, you can drop at any lab
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In San Diego they make you make an appointment at the dump Monday through Friday during working hours to dispose of them. I asked a lab and they said no. Need to see if my Dr. will take it.

I have the one Humira sent but it took them about two months to get it to me, so in the meantime I had to buy another smaller one.
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Yeah, I signed up for the free sharps container service through Humira. They deliver a new sharps container for you with a pre-paid return box with instructions how to pack it. You have 3 options, I think for sending it back: 1) take to any U.S post office, 2) give it to your local mail carrier, or 3) schedule a free USPS Priority Mail pick up. I used the 3rd option. It was really easy! I just left it on my front door step and they sent me an electronic confirmation that they had picked it up!

Just make sure you order a new Sharps container when the one you already have is about 1/2-2/3 full. That way by the time the new one gets there, yours should be just about full and ready to ship back!

I see you are in the U.S. so you should be able to get the disposal service through Humira. Go to this link to find out how to do it:

OH...hmm...just re-read your post and realized you're not taking Humira, but Cimzia. I would contact Cimzia and ask if they offer any sort of disposal service for sharps.

Here's a link for Sharps brand disposal:
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Here's another website where you can locate your nearest facilities that dispose of sharps with website and contact information.

If you know what your local refuse and/or residential recycling company is, I would check out their website. Sometimes they provide additional information about other items you want to recycle, such as hazardous waste items. Hope some of this was helpful.

I just checked out Cimzia's website too, and it suggests to ask your prescribing doctor or pharmacy about sharps disposal. So, if anything one of those two should have some answers!
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Thank you for all the suggestions! I really appreciate it. I ended up calling my GI and they said I can bring them in whenever I need to. It's something I always mean to ask when I go in, but it's at the bottom of my list of questions.

I did look to see if my container had an 800 number on it, but it's just the pharmacy that delivers the Cimzia. That would be by far the easiest way to dispose of them.
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This is kind of a weird question, but is it ok to put "regular" sharps in with your medical sharps? I am using Humira's program also. They sent me my first sharps container and I haven't got one since (I've requested two more, but haven't seen 'em). I put some broken glass and old razor blades in the sharps container with my syringes, and then it occurred to me that since Humira is disposing of it, perhaps they would want only syringes? I don't really want to go digging those things out of it! So it's just been living under my bathroom counter.
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I take mine to my pharmacy. But I have to use their bins, I tried with one that I was given with my initial prescription and they made me empty it into one if theirs.

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