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Jim Gonsler
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Crohn's Disease and Pycnogenol

Folks, Not sure of any of you have had experience with this natural supplement but some are calling Pyncnogenol - Maritime Pine Bark Extract, the biggest thing since penicillin!!

That is not a random statement either, it's been made by physicians in the know. In a statement by a Dr. Ron Surowitz, DO, he explains how it works: ""...adequate blood flow to all cells, tissues, body organs and systems is absolutely vital. It's one of the primary keys required for the body to heal itself. Good blood flow improves tissues permeability, thereby improving the health of tissue itself. Pycnogenol helps tissue permeability to every organ of the body. It improves circulation and cell vitality, while reducing capillary fragility and leakage through blood vessels, the cause of bruising and even the cause of strokes." Dr. Surowitz uses an example of a rubber band you lost behind a desk. After finding it 20 years later, you find that if you try to stretch it, it likely will break apart immediately. That is due to the oxidation effect on the rubber band over the years. That is the same effect free radical damage has on us during the aging process, and results in degenerative diseases (like Crohn's) as well.

I'm sure you have heard of free radicals and free radical damage. In case you haven't here is how it works. Free radicals are all around us, they're in the polluted air we breath, the toxins that are in our foods and water, they even come from the suns rays. Dr. Surowitz goes on to say "Free radicals cause inflammation, plaquing in one's arteries, skin wrinkling, cellular changes and much more, and Pycnogenol's antioxidant effect neutralizes the damaging effect of free radicals on a cellular level."

This doctor concludes in saying "It is the most potent free radical terminator yet discovered, which is just one reason why it is effective for health challenges related to virtually every organ and system within the body. I am amazed at the number of symptoms that have improved in my patients with the use of Pycnogenol."

I'm sure that most of you are aware that the most damaging symptom of Crohn's Disease is tissue inflammation in the intestinal area. If Pycnogenol is so effective in controlling inflammation why would it not work on your Crohn's

As a Crohn's Disease for 39 years after taking Pycnogenol I can tell you this stuff works. Jim

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glum chump
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Hi Jim:

I'm not sure if this is the same thing, but I've been drinking birch bark extract as tea for a a couple of years now. I'm using it primarily for its anti-inflammatory properties. I'm not sure of the specifics of how it works, but I find it hasn't made me worse, and it sometimes will help calm my stomach down. Certainly, I wouldn't rely on this extract as my sole treatment because I've been in a flare for the last three years and the extract hasn't improved my symptoms sufficiently. While my goal isn't for symptom alleviation but to try to knock out the root causes of this disease, the fact that it hasn't had a significant impact on my symptoms leaves me to believe that it hasn't quite the impact for me as it might for others.
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may i just add our usual disclaimer that none of us here are doctors, and any treatments posted, shared, or recommended are purely members' own thoughts and experiences.

if you are considering trying something you have read here, please consult your medical carers first.

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