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First Infussion

Hello All, I had my first Remicade infussion yesterday and everything went well! I'm not sure why but, I slept through the entire night, which is something that I don't usually do and did'nt get up this morning with a mad dash to the Biffy, when I did go there was'nt as much blood! Could this be working already or is it that I've been waiting soooo long and want it to work soooo bad? Anyway, I'm not complaining and will have to wait and see. I go back to the infussion center in 2 weeks for the second one and will keep you posted as to how things go. Till then good luck to all, Crazylegs

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I foumnd my 1st few infusions made me tired. I found my 1st infusion halved my symptoms within a day or 2, so suprised how quick it worked. Although I didnt feel "normal" until after my 5th infusion, but as each infusion went I became progressively better.

Hope it all works out for you
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Welcome to the club.

Enjoy the relief

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You're on the same schedule as me! I had my first infusion Friday and the next one is 2/3. I started seeing improvements on Sunday. I think it really CAN work that quickly. Amazing, isn't it?
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I started to see a real difference after the 2nd one. It really is totally amazing. Wishing us all continued success with it :-)
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Hello all, as I said before, I had my first infussion last Thur. aft. without any problems. I felt good on Fri. and could feel a difference. I was also fine on Sat morning but, on Sat evening I had some flu-like symptoms ( about 10 trips to the biffy and a slight headache) thankfully when I woke on Sun. morning I was fine again and last night I slept right through and woke this morning feeling great! I'm not saying that I've got it under control because I'm still making a few trips to the Bif but, not near as many and I Feel Good! I can tell that the Remicade is starting to work and I'm looking forward to what lies ahead. Thanks for your replys to my posts, Crazylegs

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