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Hi there I am having some side effects with budesonide I have been on them for 4 weeks and I have started to see the familiar ďmoon faceĒ appearing which is linked to prednisone. However, my consultant said this would not happen. I donít know if I am just looking for the symptoms as I really donít want them to appear if that makes sense haha! I have looked into it these forums and most people have claimed they have had no side effects, more specifically the moon face/ swelling. I have also noticed I am bruising a lot more easier and my legs are covered! If that wasnít enough I have also noticed my urine has become very dark/ cloudy and looks as though it has blood in! And was just wondering if any of you had gone through similar! (I have had a urine test and was negative of any infections virusís etc etc so isnít that!) thanks.
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Let your doctor know. I would be concerned with the blood in the urine. They probably need to switch medications.
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Moonface and other corticosteroid side effects are rarer and often milder with budesonide than with prednisone, since budesonide is the milder drug and is quickly cleared form the system. But nevertheless, these side effects can still occur, even with budesonide.

The good news is that the moonface and other side effects will eventually go away over the course of several weeks after the budesonide is discontinued. And your doc should be trying to eventually discontinue the budesonide. Steroids are a temporary treatment to induce remission. Long term remission maintenance is achieved with other drugs such as immunosuppressants and/or biologicals.

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