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Is it Crohn's disease?

Dear Forum,

I'm very glad I have joined this awesome forum.
Let me introduce myself; I'm a 28 years old male and a food lover.
Around 6 years ago (2011) I began experiencing frequent urges to go the toilet, mostly after food. I did not do anything about it, because i thought it was normal. As years passed my condition didn't improve nor it got worse.
6 years later (2017 May) I decided to go to the doctor because it was affecting my daily life (I barely ate food outdoors so i won't have toilet urgencies).
My bowel movement varies between mushy and soft blobs.
On average i go 3 times to the toilet per day (5 being the most and 2 being the least). I don't have pains, just some cramps before going to the toilet sometimes.
So, my doctor ofcourse asked me for a blood test and stool test. Everything was normal except my vitamin D level and the Calprotectin level in my stool was 250 (i should me 50 or less). No parasites, no infections and the blood test showed no intolerance for gluten.
The high Calprotectin level indicated that there's inflammation , so i had a colonoscopy and endoscopy (with biopsy).
The biopsy showed a very mild inflammation of the ileum (lower part of the small intestine).
The doctor concluded 2 possibilities:
1) Some type of gluten intolerance (he said wheat).
2) Very mild Crohn's disease.
So he decided to put me to a gluten-free diet for 3 months. If i felt better than it is cause by gluten. If not, then it is Crohn's.

It has been 1 month and i did not see improvements.
I do not have any Crohn's symptoms other than the toilet urgencies.
The doctor did not ask for the food allergies test. Recently i noticed that after eating seeds (beens, lentils) i had urgencies 30 min later. But not everytime.
I have a doctor's appointment 2 weeks later for a second opinion.
Does anyone have a similar condition?
Thank you
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Try cutting out all dairy too. My understanding is that lactose and wheat are digested in similar way in the intestines. To cut out all dairy you have to read labels of anything packaged. And of course no butter, milk, cheese, kefir, yogurt, ice know all the good stuff. Lol. I would eliminate sugar. That would included added as well as honey and maple syrup. Fruits are generally ok because of the fibre. Good luck.
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Try keeping a food diary of all the foods that ypset your stomach. I wish you the best. Let us know how you are.
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