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Back to work


I am in the middle of reaching a diagnosis. Biopsies show mild crohns and I have c diff infections. The Dr's are not quite sure what is causing all symptoms and am waiting some more tests.
I am feeling a lot better (after being ill for 5 months straight) and have had to quit my job. I have started something new mostly based at home in case I come down with something new and to allow for all hospital appointments etc.
However I have meetings and conferences to attend regularly. I still have desperate urgent frequent needs to runnnnn to the loo and I want to know how you all deal with issues like this. My boss knows about my condition but it's very awkward mid sentence in a meeting with 5 people to suddenly rush out when I look fine. For now I've been holding it in but it makes me feel so ill and I can't concentrate on anything.. any suggestions?

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