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Ice pack as a medical carry on item?

I will be doing quite a bit of air travel beginning in August and am trying to plan out some meal logistics before departing. It would be very convenient if I could bring a cold pack in the lunch box that I am planning to bring so that I could transport (perishable) foods around on day-trips once I reach my destinations. Does anybody know whether my GI or primary could write a "prescription" sort of thing or a medical letter so that I could bring a liquid ice pack in my carry on? Is it worth asking?

Otherwise, I will just pack the ice pack in my suitcase. Thanks!
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You can use frozen applesauce /juice boxes etc as "ice packs" for perishable goods
Some meds need to be kept on ice and those can be used to travel with a doctors note
Not sure on a general ice pack though for food

Good luck
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We use ice packs for medications and have had no issues. Generally ice packs are ok as long as they are REALLY frozen. My daughter has had to take formula on the plane (she has a feeding tube) and generally we stick an ice pack in with it.

This is from the feeding tube awareness website:

11. Frozen items do not count as liquids as long as they are frozen solid. The TSA website states that “Frozen items are permitted as long as they are solid and in a ‘frozen state’ when presented for screening.” This includes ice packs used to keep formula and medications cold. However, if they are at all thawed or slushy, they will be subject to the rules and regulations for liquids. For individuals who use a blenderized diet or breast milk for tube feeds, this would also mean that pre-blended formula or breast milk that has been frozen solid would be permitted without being subject to the additional screening for liquids as long as it is not partially thawed.
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Yes, as long as they are frozen when presented to TSA for screening. If the cold pack is slightly melted or slushy it has to meet the liquids requirements. Here's the info on this link below.
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