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Bag change question- 2 piece

Hi. Just curious... do you always take off the skin barrier when you change your bag? Was wondering if I could keep the barrier on and replace my bag more frequently. I used to get 4 days of wear out of my system but recently after 2 days I feel itchy, like I want to put on a fresh bag.

Also, does anyone remove the bag to shower but keep on the skin barrier and put on a new bag after the shower? I was thinking of trying this and wondered if it's a good idea. Thanks in advance!
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Hi dgg

I use a 2 piece system. I change my bag every two days or so, but take my base plate off on the fourth or fifth day. For me, if I start to feel itchy under my base plate, I change the entire system.

I don't remove the bag to shower...on the days when I change my base plate, I take the whole thing off and get into the shower so my skin and stoma can have a shower and some breathing time. Otherwise, I shower with the bag on.


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You can change the bag more frequently if it smells or you wanna feel fresh but if you are itching it's the barrier plate that needs to be changed.

I shower with and without the barrier but if the barrier is on I keep the bag on. I think water hitting the barrier and ring will damage it and make it more prone to leak.

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