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Little lumps around the edge of my stoma

Hi all,
I noticed a few little lumps around the edge of my stoma, almost looks like they are coming out from the inside of me (if that makes sense.). Not all the way around, just on one side. Not hurting or bleeding or anything. Just wondering if this is normal or anything to be concerned about. I have no appointments to see any of my doctors until my reversal... Any idea what this is? Could is just be part of my stoma?
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I had this too -

Not sure if yours are the same thing, but this is the conclusion I reached:

I saw the stoma nurse today. She didn't think they're granulomas, and she said it's completely normal to have lumps like I have. So I guess they're just normal lumps.
I still have them and they've proved harmless.
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Granulomas could just be a sign of active crohn's but it could also be a skin condition or tiny absecesses forming. Best to get anything out of the ordinary checked out.
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I had some and was told they were lymph growths. They looked like skin tags where the stoma met the skin. Mine caused a lot of bleeding if they were irritated when I changed my bag. Someone (a stoma nurse or a doc.... it's been so long I don't remember) used silver nitrate to burn them off. Said they could come back, but they didn't.
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