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what does a blockage feel like?


I was wondering what a blockage feels like? On the weekend I had a really bad pain in my side on the left it lasted for maybe 30 minutes to 60 minutes. after the pain when I could still feel it but no where near it i did before. Got any ideas. Thanks
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Are you still in pain? Any vomitting? If not, I would say it is not a blockage. I have only ever had partials and they cleared on their own. What I felt was major pain, it almost felt like my guts were going to explode, accompanied by loud noises, major bloating, no stools, no gas and nausea.

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No, not really I feel a bit. On a scale of one to ten most likly it would be one or two. I did vomit a bit but not much. Thanks
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Yeah, I think you'd know about it! It's the most unbelievable excruciating pain ever on Earth, and that's no exagerating! You literally can't move a muscle, worse than childbirth!
There will defo be projectile violent vomiting accompanied by explosive diarrhea! Plus, lower back pain, fever, chills and headache, this is because infection can set in if there is obstruction.
maybe what you've experienced is narrowing, where the normal contraction of the bowels has slowed down, cos it's partially blocked, causing pain, then if 'it' can get thro, so to speak, the pain subsides.
look out for vomiting, sure sign of obstruction!
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I'm in total agreement with Joan. I had a partial obstruction and that was exactly what it felt like. Intense stabbing pain in my mid section, vomit all over the place, and so painful that you can't move. Followed by diarrhea. I'd say it's pretty comparable to kidney stone pain, maybe a notch lower, but that sure doesn't mean "softer and easier".
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I've been fully obstructed a few times and have had many partial obstructions. I have to agree with everyone. It is the worst pain you'll ever have. If you're obstructed you'll know it. Projectile vomiting, chills, sweating, excrutiating pain that doubles you over until you can't move and for me no bowel movement at all. Mine was usually calmed down in the hospital with steroids and pain meds. If you get this bad seek medical help.

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