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First post for me

So glad to find this forum.A little about me, I was diagnosed with Chrons in 2002. I was hospitalized as a child with a touch of guess is it was probably Chrons .Initially took Imuran, Entocort, Pred & Asacol. I am currently taking Cimzia & Asacol as well as Krill Oil, Vit. D, Acidoplilus, Psyllium & Biotin. Tried the alternative medicine route but after I had my last scope , my GI said that my alternative treatment was possibly relieving some of my symptoms but my inflammation was worse. His words..You have to Cimzia seemed to be a good choice. We shall see....positive attitude is half the battle.
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Welcome....welcome. Im glad you joined. Lots of ppl here who have great advice, and truely care about you. Attitude is half the battle, I agree.. I'm just not always good at it.
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Welcome to the forum!
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Welcome gypsey!! Glad you got your story on here and found us. You had alot of meds when you were young. We don't have Cimzia here in Canada but it maybe something I may look into down the road. The other biololgics didnt work for me so, who knows. Tried the naturalpath, worked a bit and then moved and now kinda doing some natural stuff. Everyone is different, we have to try our "tailored" and made to suit us to keep the flares down. Welcome aboard, lots of friendly people here. Enjoy.
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Hi Gypsey!! Glad you're here. Have you been in remission since '02? What part of Tn are you from? I'm in BG Ky. Good to have neighbors. Sorry for the circumstances but stick around there's a gold-mine of info, fun and friends on here. See you around.
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Welcome to the forum!
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Welcome. I am new to this site and have already found out loads of helpeful stuff sure the same will apply to you too. Are you in a flare at present, or all well? x
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Hi Gypsey
and welcome

really hope Cimzia is 'the one' for you after all the other meds, wishing you luck and glad you found us!
lotsa luv
Joan xxx


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Hi Gypsey and

I think you're right about the attitude, Good to see you here.

Take care,
Mum of 2 kids with Crohn's.
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Welcome, Gypsey! I hope the Cimzia works well for you!
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Hi Gypsey.

Welcome to the forum. You're right, a positive attitude can help when other things don't. I hope you have luck with your new medicine. I'm also impressed with your alternative supplements. I've found supplements to be helpful. I havn't tried biotin, but I've also been "schooled" to no end about folic acid. So I added that one a while back.
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