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Transphicteric anal fistula--complicated

After experiencing itching then pain and a bleeding bump in the bum cheek near the anal opening, it took another 21 months before my first appointment with a colon-rectal surgeon. A seton was put in during my first surgery.

A few weeks later the seton was replaced with a string because of irritation. Nine weeks after surgery #1, I went in for surgery #2, in which the surgeon performed a fistulotomy, dividing the tract, putting a seton in the inner tract and filleting open the section outside the anus.

Six weeks after surgery #2, surgery #3 was performed in which a fistula plug was inserted and an endorectal advancement flap was fashioned over the fistula opening.

Ten weeks later, surgery #4 was performed, in which the surgeon went back to square two and inserted another seton. During the post-op appointment one month later, the surgeon decided to leave in the seton and check me again in two and a half months.

The stinging pain of the fistulotomy and the stabbing pain of the fistula inside continues. Bleeding continues and gets worse if I strain. The pain increases when sitting too long throughout the day, get in and out of a car multiple times (3 or more) in a day, and walk less than 1/4 mile. In addition, I get pelvic pain before and after a bm.

At this last appointment, nothing has healed. The surgeon has decided to leave in the seton and wants me to get hyperbaric oxygen chamber treatment.

The fistulotomy stings and is very painful. Sitting is the worst, even with a soft cushion. Walking is painful as well. The seton is irritating and often rubs against the other bum cheek. The drainage burns my skin and causes raised bumps that itch but go away once gauze is placed between the bum cheeks. I use a sitz bath after every bm, otherwise the extra pain caused by not getting completely clean is excruciating.

I am trying to get enough fiber through natural means (more veggies, etc...), drink lots of water and watch what I eat. This has completely changed my life in that I am in a nursing home to monitor and help with "wound" care. Unfortunately the staff does neither, giving excuse after excuse as to why.

Has anyone gone through the hyperbaric oxygen chamber treatment and did it help? Any suggestions for me as to care of, regularity of digestive system, etc...


Crohn's Disease Forum » Your Story » Transphicteric anal fistula--complicated
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