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Yo fellow Crohnies

Hey everyone. Havn't been on here in a bit so I thought I'd update what's going on. I'm still doing great been on Aza for close to 3 months now hopefully to keep me in this surgery induced remission. B12 and blood tests monthly as well. I get pain's and bad D once in a while only when I eat something that's hard to digest but it only lasts for a day. Probably something to do with the scar tissue at the anastomosis.
I've gone through a lot with my DX and surgery earlier this year which handicapped me in all sorts of ways but now I'm free of that! I moved out away from home with 2 friends to another city living my life how a 20 year old should be! Well that's pretty much it. I'll be around creeping the forums helping and answering questions to the people that are in need as for I know what they're going through!

Cya, Thomas
28cm sm and L bowel removed, 200 mg Aza, monthly b12 injection,
calcium + vit d. Enjoying my surgery induced remission!

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Hey Thomas,

Wow this is so good to hear! I am so happy for you that everything is working out well, YAY!!!

Best of luck,
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Great news Zal!! I hope you're living your life like a twenty year old should with an asterisk!! Have fun but be smart!! Cheers to a long an happy remission!!
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