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Son with Crohns

OK so we took Matt to see the consultant at our hospital for his check up on Thursday and we seem to have left with more questions than answers!

They didn't give him a check over, other than put him on the scales (he has put on 1/2 stone - about 15 kilos I think!). What they did say was he finishes his Prednisolone on 22 September (Matt's 20th birthday) and if the medication has worked he will be OK but if he gets a flare up in that week then the medication didn't work! Is this norm? He also has to have another endoscopy after 22 September to see if bowels still inflammed, but we then have to wait another 3 weeks for results - is this norm? Doc has also said that Matt can go back to work and start playing football and lead a 'normal life', but I feel that this is too soon?????

Please help, sorry Mel
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Hiya Mel

there's a good chance that the Pred has worked and Matt will be able to go to work and play footy, Yes! And he's put weight on, another good sign. Best to wade in there slowly, not rush into it.
since my dx 5 years ago, I've only ever had one flare up and hospitilised. and the Pred healed me good.
try not to worry, just wait and see what happens on the 22nd when the steroids are done.
fingers crossed for Matt, that he has healed well!


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I'd say the post-pred endo is using an abundance of caution!!! I think they'd usually just see if the symptoms return in this situation and go from there so I think you may have a very proactive GI. I'd say that's a good thing!!
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It sounds like your son has an extremely good GI and I hope for all of tou that everything is good after this round of steroids. They are a very funny drug, sometimes they work and somerimes they dont. The best thing to remember is to continue with treatments even when feeling well. Trust me if your son is like me he will feel much better for a while and slowly start eating the wrong things or not taking meds right and symptoms will come back. Luckily after 6 years of dealing with this I have gotten better at taking care of myself. I guess I am kinda slow lol. Also I feel deep compassion for you as I see what all of this has put my own mother through. Just remember that a doctor can do alot for him but no matter how old your son gets there are very few things that can soothe better than a mothers touch or kind words. Sorry I have started to ramble.

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