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Happy to have found you!

My name is Karen and I have had Chron's probably my whole life but was not diagnosed until I was 19 years old. I'm 40 something now. I tons of "battle wounds" and everyone of them I consider wisdom!
After years of battle I had had enough, cut up, scarred, skin and bones, I decided I just wanted to die. My the Universe was not quite finished with me and I truly believe it was my daughter that kept me going.
I was fortunate enough to have the right people come into my life and I was in remission for 10 years. This was such a profound experience that I became a nutritionist. I am not here to sell anything, I am merely telling my story.
I had a set back last December that ended with a temporary colostomy, and that has been the biggest challenge. I am getting it off in November, counting the days down with excitement and fear.
Every time I have had surgery, there has not been any time to think about it. this time I have had 11 months to think about it and can't wait until it is over.

I look forward to sharing your thoughts and inspirations triumphs and challenges!

I'm on twitter and Facebook as well.

Karen Langston
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A nutritionist with Crohn's? What an asset you could be to this forum!
Some GI doctors have told their patients that diet plays no role in Crohn's, but we all know that it does somewhat. I'm sure we'd all be interested in hearing what your take is on it.
Good luck with your surgery in November, glad you found us and welcome!
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Hi Karen,
Welcome aboard! And best wishes to you!

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Hi Karen
and welcome

Yes, I have to agree! great to have a nutritionist aboard! Gastros always tell us that diet won't help with inflammation, and I have to agree with that, but it defo helps with all the other stuff, ie, gas, bloat and D!
glad you found us, lots of friends here for you
lotsa luv
Joan xxx


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Welcome Karen
Wow, it must give you such an interesting insight into this disease to have studied nutrition. I hope you find this site as welcoming, supportive and such an awesome collection of information that I have
~ Nicci

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Hi Karen!
Welcome. You have found a forum full of caring supportive people.
Joni O
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Just wanted to say hi to this great forum, I'm fairly new here and have received tons of info and support. I'm hoping you find what you're looking for.


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:Welcome: Karen, glad you are here. I was going to a digestive disease nutritionist and she knew more than my doctors do! Nutrition plays a major role. I agree alot of food today is not healthy and we tend to crave sugar, or some junk food. Diabetes 2 is a major problem right now. So hopefully you can give us an insight. Hope to see you around.

Btw I was going to go to Tuscan AZ in Oct with the hubby on a business trip but opted out...too short of a trip but would love to have been able to go. Hot there huh?
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Hi Karen and

Good to see you here. You have certainly been through a lot over the years. Best of luck with your upcoming surgery! I hope you stick around 'cause this is a fab place for support and info and you will also be a wonderful assest. Welcome aboard!

All the best,
Mum of 2 kids with Crohn's.
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Welcome Karen!! We too were told that diet played no important role!! It seemed so counter-intellectual to me that we immediately sought help from a nutritionist. I'm glad to see you have joined us and I hope you stick around!!

What meds have you been on and are on now?

Good luck!!
Mark, father of EJ

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Karen...Glad to hear you have won your battles so well...There are tons of people here with great wisdom. You are at the right place...Sue
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Hi Karen..............totally agree with most of whats been said...............hope your reversal is successful........fingers crossed x

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