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6 mp

I think I may be having a bad reaction to mercaptopurine. Ever since I left the hospital I've had the most painful, thick, kinda green stool. I've spent 2 days trying to figure out and solve my problem but nothing works.. so I started to think, what has changed since I got out of the hospital that might be causing this.. the only thing that's changed was a new medication. Mercaptopurine. After a little googling I found out that an unlikely but serious side effect of this medication is black and tar like stools also called melena (wikipedia it) Has anyone else had this side effect from this medication?
Meds: 20mg prednisone tab twice a day
Dailty multi
Fish oil
Benadryl (to sleep)
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Tweaks, I had problem with 6mp but my liver was affected almost right from the get go. I also had the same reaction to Imuran. Some people don't tolerate it well. I would ask for blood tests or check with your doctor about symtoms. Don't put it off. Sorry cant remember if I had black tarry stools, wasnt on it long enough to notice.
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I was on 6-MP for almost 10 years.

I don't remember a reaction like that. I didn't have any adverse reactions.
I had my bloods taken at regular intervals thought.
Diagnosed - July 1989.

Currently enjoying life with my stoma.
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I had a blood test taken before I started it to test how fast I metabolize or something like that.. I just left a message for my doctor and I've started using supositories so hopefully relief will come soon
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I started taking the Merccap...abt 8 weeks ago. I have not noticed the stool color change. I still have some pain but the stools are a little firmer. Post us back what the Doc says...Sue
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I tried using 6 MP, started taking it easter sunday and ended up in the hospital this last weekend with pancreatitus due to the 6 MP. Can't say if I noticed a stool change since I was only on it a week.
Have tried:
Pentasa (gave me severe migraines)
Entocort (stopped working after a month)
Prednisone (worked but nasty side effects and doc doesn't like me on it long term)
Imuran (developed pancreatitis)
6 MP (went into hospital with acute pancreatitis)

Now taking 25 mg of Methotrexate injection every week.....

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