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Heating pad for car

Does anyone know where I could find a heating pad that plugs into the cigarette lighter in a car? The heat really helps the pain during long trips, but I can't seem to find one anywhere. Someone's got to make something like this!!!
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I've seen some seat support cushions for cars that offer heat, but no major brand names come to mind. Another thing you could look for is a power inverter that plugs into cigarette lighter and converts 12 VDC to 120 VAC then use a 120 VAC heating pad.. You'd have to be sure the power inverter could handle the power consumption
of the heating pad... Have you checked local hunting supply stores for a 12 V pad?
I believe a lot of hunters/ice fishermen, etc., would be looking for portable heat too

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Thats a good idea! I have never head of this being done before, so unfortunately I cannot provide any tips.
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You can always buy am expensive german bmw that comes with them built in but other than that I have no clue..... German cars are oohhhhhhhhhhh soooooo nice...

But I'm a truck man.... I would kill a car in a heart beat the way I drive...
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my dads truck (yukon) has built in heaters for the tush. lol feels niiiice.
my mom got a seat cover that heats up and vibrates that plugs into the lighter. I think my dad got it from Canadian tire or something. of course if your not in Canada thats not at all helpful.. mybe walmart or some place where they sell car stuff. lol
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Thanks for the ideas.....I'm definitely going to look into them.
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My Hyundai has heated seats. They work for a while and shut off (for safety). You could turn them on and off repeatedly. Try looking in Lillian Vernon and Harriet Carter catalogues (they are online now too) and see if they stock those. They have stuff like that in their catalogues.
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If anyone else is interested, I did purchase a small heating pad and an adapter at Radio Shack. The heating pad uses 45 watts and the adapter can handle up to 75 watts. They say it's best to unplug it when the car is shut off so you don't risk draining the battery. I must say, it's heaven!!!
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Hi Michel..I have one in our car, it's heaven for sure. It comes in real handy in the winter, being I'm Canadian and I'ts exactly how Val described it to be..they can really get hot those little cushions, but they feel great on aching joints.

((Val)) ...How are you lady? I was already to paint the town with you and Jonny. Jonny gone back now I imagine, hope you both had a blast together.
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Hey Michela.. Glad the power inverter suggestion worked out for you. Can I borrow it

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