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Red splotch on leg?

So, I just noticed a nickel-sized red mark on my thigh that I didn't notice this morning. It's pretty red, almost like a burn. It doesn't seem to be raised, itchy, or sensitive to the touch. Almost like a bruise, but red in color. It kinda reminds me of a dinosaur foot because the edges aren't uniform!

Has anyone else had this? Is this the kinda stuff I hear about when it talks about people with Crohn's having skin problems? Or could this be something else? And I JUST got home from the hospital yesterday! Argh!

If anyone has a clue what it is, is there something I can put on it to treat it? Like I said, it's not itchy/scaly/painful, but I'm not sure if it's the kinda thing that might.
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I uploaded a picture of it. Here it is.

I've been searching around the site and think it could possibly be erythema nodosum, but not sure since it's not "nodular" or anything underneath the skin. More importantly, can it spread by scratching or by touch?
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I get spots similar to this on my upper thighs. It has probably occured around five times now over the past few weeks. Mine aren't nickel-sized though, they are more like the size of a pea but I get alot of them all at once with some more red and puffy than others. Every time I've gotten them I take Benadryl and they go away. I have no idea what they are but I suspect they are related to my intestinal issues because everytime I get them is when I am spending the day on the toilet. I still don't have a diagnosis though, so I'm not even sure if I have Crohns like in your case, but I definitely get spots like you have. Try taking Benadryl and see if it helps you.
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Emkat, I actually just finished reading the original thread you talked about this.

I am getting over a really bad flare right now that put me in the hospital. So, perhaps it's my body freaking out. If it is EN, I read that treatment is usually by corticosteroids and I'm already taking Entocort right now. So, perhaps it will go away on its own. But I have a picture now, so when I go see my GI next week I can show him if it clears up before then. I might call my GI's office to mention it to them tomorrow. See what they say.

Thanks for your input Emkat! I hope you get a diagnosis soon!

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